Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Happy Birthday to Me and Another Finish!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! LOL! Today I am( shush) 43 years old! I was born to Mary and Harry on Thursday 12th December, 3 weeks early. My Mum always said that they were going to induce her on Friday 13th and it scared her into labour so I appeared on the 12th! I spent my first Christmas in hospital and was allowed home on Boxing Day.

I've had a good day so far. I haven't done much, other than vaccuum and dust and laze about! I plan on doing a bit of stitching this afternoon, get a takeaway for tea, then more stitching! LOL! I have received some lovely cards and presents. DH bought me a t-shirt and sweatshirt cardigan ( does that make sense!), Jess bought me a lovely clock with the words:

Oh Mum you are so special in everything you do,

You've always taken care of me And shared a love so true

It is lovely and I am so touched by it. Abi bought me a cute. cuddly brown sheep ( I have a small collection of cuddly sheep!) and as soon as I opened it I cuddled it ( yep I did say I was 43!). I also received a trinket box from my cousin ( Happy Birthday Annette!), an Apple, Cinnamon Spice sachet from my friend, Liz, in Canada and money from my Dad, my FIL, my sister and her partner, my brother-in-law and his wife and DH's auntie. Oh and some lovely fluffy bedsocks from DH's auntie too! Thank you to my dear friends Julie, Paula, Fi, Jan, Judy, Liz and Angi for the gorgeous cards. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

I am looking forward to trying the lovely cake Abi made for me. She melted chocolate yesterday and put it on the top then put candles on it!

I also received a flossogram for Christmas from Claire. The colours are just perfect; Ozark Sampler Spring Flowers and Carrie's Creations Gold Twist; and I can't wait to find something special to stitch with them. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Claire.

Right time for my second finish of the week! I am on a roll! LOL! Here is Just Nan Barnabee's Quest. It seems so long since I started this but I have loved every stitch. It is stitched on 28 count cream fabric using DMC and Kreinik Braid. The picture really doesn't do it justice but I hope to get a better one once it's made up into a bellpull. It wouldn't fit into the scanner so I had to take a picture with the digital camera and I just don't seem to be able to get good pics with it. Julie as soon as I can get out to the PO the charts will be on the way to you! Enjoy!

Well think I'll go and do some stitching. If I get on well with San Man Originals Dream a Little Dream I may have another finish tomorrow! LOL!

Doesn't it look yummy!
Look what I received from Julie!
OK I know it was wrapped in Christmas paper but Julie did give me permission to open it when it arrived and I don't really need telling twice. LOL! Isn't it gorgeous. Julie made it herself; a new hobby I believe and she has more patience than I do! {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}


nancy said...

Wow! Smoking needles!! The Just Nan piece is sooo pretty!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my fellow Sagittarian! Enjoy your cake - it looks scrumptious!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday Sally my dear friend!

Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your gifts and cards all sent with love.

Barnabees Quest is stunning - well done on another great finish!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Sally the cake looks wonderful and the fob from Julie is lovely

Heather said...


I need your address, I can't find it anywhere.