Sunday, 24 December 2006

Stitching Updates

Here I am with some stitching updates! I actually finished page 2 of Heaven and Earth Designs Summer ACEO ( artwork by Sara Butcher). I am amazed at how brilliant she looks. When I started on her face I was a bit worried as the colours didn't look right, but when you get them together and hold it at a distance it looks fantastic! I have started to grid page 3 but won't be going back to her for a while yet.

Once I'd finished this last night I moved onto part 6 of the San Man Originals Let It Snow SAL. I'm looking forward to seeing part 7 but won't be getting that for a few days as I don't come on the PC on Christmas Day or Boxing Day usually, although I will be on to download the first part of Chatelaine Christmas IV. I was hoping Martina might put it up today with the password! Anyway I love part 6 of the SAL. We were right about it being Let It Snow again! LOL! I am so pleased with the fabric and threads I chose for this. I think they are perfect but that is just my opinion! LOL!
Not sure whether I'm stitching or not tonight. I think I will finish gridding page 3 of Summer then I might read move onto Winter. I bought myself The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett on Friday so I might start reading that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! See you in a few days!


Mary Ann said...

Sally, Summer ACEO is looking great! And Let It Snow is wonderful!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

syn said...

Hi Sally,

Passing by to wish you and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Below is a special Xmas card I made, Hope you like it. If you see a Filelodge advert then simply reload/refresh your browser.



Anonymous said...

Hello Sally, Summer is beautiful, hope you have had a lovely day today. Love to you all, Julie xx

Heather said...

You lucky thing. I've emailed twice for the SAL chart and still not received it :(

Hope you had a great Christmas.

Claire said...

Looking great Sally!


Michele said...

Oh Sally, she's going to be soo beautiful when she's done! I can't imagine stitching something like that. I love Snow too, the colors you picked are working really well!