Monday, 11 December 2006

Nearly There!

I am so close to finishing Barnabee's Quest now! Yay! I just have a little bit of cross stitch to do, a tiny bit of backstitch, then the beads and charms to add and I'm done! I might have got a bit more done last night had I not had to frog one of the roses so that'll teach me not to concentrate properly! LOL!

I decided to order some wire hangers today ready to make up Barnabee's Quest and the SMO Let It Snow SAL when it's finished but went to the website of the company I normally order them from and they'd gone! So guess they must have closed the business so I was really disappointed as they did a good selection. Any way I had a search and found some at Debbie Cripps and ordered a couple from there.

Update on Abi: She went back to school today but I ended up having to bring her home just before lunch. So she is now starving for 24 hours and if that doesn't cure it I'll have to take her back to the doctors.


Karen said...

I hope Abi feels better soon, I am looking forward to seeing your next finish

Heather said...

Sorry to hear Abi is poorly, get better soon.

How did your 24 ECG go?

Anonymous said...

Barnabees Quest nearly done ...yay!!!! LOL Lots of cuddles to Abi. Happy Birthday sweetie, hope you have a lovely day. XXXX
Julie xxx

Stitchspice said...

Hi Sally,
Lovely Stitching as usual.
Happy Birthday to you.
Enjoy your day.
Hugs Fi