Friday, 26 January 2007


I have been tagged by Irene and Michele to reveal 6 WEIRD things about myself! Hmmmmm! This is going to take some thinking about!
  • I have to listen to my MP3 player when I go out walking on my own.
  • If I have chips with gravy I still put vinegar on them ( well my DH thinks that is weird!)
  • I hate touching raw meat
  • When I used to eat any kind of chocolate bar I had to eat all the chocolate off it first then eat the insides ( yep rather messy sometimes!)
  • I am convinced that when I see a robin when I'm out it's a reincarnation of my Mum.( Never told anyone that before)
  • I rarely start Christmas shopping before November!
Now I am tagging the following 6 people:


Karen said...

LOL everyone is tagging you Sally
I used to eat the chocolate off of milkyways then eat the middle lol

Michele said...

lol sure not easy coming up with 6 weird things is it! you did great *grin*

btw, I love the little finishes you've had this week .. they really do help don't they!

ohhhh and the Pine Mountain Pillow design I finished .. it came with the pillow .. I'm soo sewing challenged!

Irene said...

I think the gravy and fries with vinegar is weird too !! But then like I said I eat mine with mayo, but only at The White Spot.

Mary Ann said...

Loved your "weird" list, Sally!

Stitchinwitch said...

The gravy and vinegar on chips is really weird but the rest is normal!

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

I don't think there is anything weird about any of the answers you stated. However, I do think I'd be carted off in a straight-jacket pronto, if I had to reveal 6 weird things about myself. Lol.

Hope you're keeping well.

Rebecca x

Cathy said...

Can't say that I think it is weird that you need to listen to your MP3 player when walking by yourself... I have to listen to mine when I take the dog for a walk and then I sing and dance to the music... those that see me must think I have lost it! Enjoyed reading your list... and yes, it is weird to have gravy and vinegar with your fries!!

Anonymous said...

Ach! You tagged me! *lol* Been work tunnel-visioned, so I'll have to catch up. How's everything going???