Monday, 22 January 2007

Severe Weather Warnings, Stitching & British Gas!

The Met Office have issued severe weather warnings for much of the UK today. They say there is a possibilty of rain, snow, sleet, hail and ice! LOL! So in other words they really have no idea just what we are going to get! The high winds are back so when the girls went to school I moved my wheelie bins back behind the shed as I wasn't in any fit state to be picking rubbish up if they blew over. Next door's had already blown over at that point and rubbish was blowing about all over in her garden. Anyway so far today we have had hail so let's see if we get the rest of it and we might hit the jackpot! Last Friday when I looked at the local weather it said we'd have heavy snow today but that has now moved to Wednesday and, no doubt by the time Wednesday comes we won't be getting it at all! Having said that that was on the BBC website and the ITV one says we'll get snow today! Honestly you'd think with all the technology thay have they'd be able to predict the weather much better than they do!

Anyway I have decided not to venture out today. I was going to take CCN Forest Snowfall into the framers but my back has gone again so I'm not going anywhere! All I did was bend over to put my socks on and that was it. So I am moving about very gingerly, have managed to iron and put the clothes away and vaccuum up but that it is for me today. Thankfully I had some heat pads in the cupboard so have one of those on and, hopefully, that will sort it. It's nowhere near as bad as it was last time as I could hardly walk then but I really don't want to risk any further damage and end up as bad again.

Last night I did a bit more on Chatelaine Summer Afternoon and am quite pleased with the progress I made just over a couple of hours each evening. I did have to frog a bit last night ( I don't think my concentration is very good at the moment!) but soon restitched the bit I frogged and moved onto another bit. So far I have used DMC, Caron Waterlilies and Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid. I wasn't going to use the silks on this and was going to sub with DMC but I'm not very good at subbing these so I ordered the silks from Needlecraft Corner a while ago. I'm pleased I did as they do look nice and they are lovely to stitch with.

Just wanted to say thank you to everybody who commented on my finish of CCN Forest Snowfall. Wonder how long it'll be before I have my next finish! LOL! Paula the fabric is Polstitches Dragon Shades Stormy Skies opalescent.

I am still not back to posting on all the groups I belong to as I'm just not in the mood much. Still a bit down and when I feel that way I just don't bother much. I'm keeping up more or less with one but that's about it for now. Also I appear to be having email problems so if you have emailed me over the past few weeks and not had a reply do let me know. I know the one I sent Paula went missing but the second one I sent reached her OK! In the last few days I have replied to Maxine, Chris and Rita in WI so I hope they have reached you!

That's me for today! Going to catch up on the blogs I like to read. I thought Blogrolling was working again but it looks as though they're just messing about with it so I'm sticking with Google Reader for now for updates!

Just had to add a bit of an update. I've not mentioned this before but in November 2005 we moved over to British Gas for both gas and electric as N Power were getting more and more expensive. Anyway we signed up for British Gas Price Protection until 2010. We didn't take much notice each time the bills came in until we got the October electricity bill and thought it was considerably steap. When we looked closer they'd put our electricity up so DH rang them and it turned out they had us on price protection for gas but NOT for electric! They told us to photocopy our contract and send it to them as proof and they'd sort it out. Towards the end of October we received a letter back saying they'd cancel the bills from the start and send us a new bill shortly. Well here we are mid-January and we receive the latest eletricity bill and still no price protection and we owe them £106!! ( We pay monthly direct debit). So I got all the paperwork out and letters etc and rings the complaints department. I explained everything, told the lady about the letters etc and she said it was coming up that we were on price protection and she had two electricity bills on her PC screen. One was the bill we had recieved and the other is the replacement bill we have been waiting for! I said that if it wasn't sorted I was going to take my complaint further. Anyway she is sending the replacement bill out to us again. This morning I decided to look on the British Gas as I'd signed up last year. I had to activate the accounts but by the looks of it we are now £20 odd in credit on our electricity bill! It's such a relief as it was getting absolutely ridiculous. I just don't know how they expect people to pay the high energy prices they are charging now and it's not only British Gas it's virtually every single energy supplier in the country! As per usual people in the UK pay through the nose for everything and the government don't do anything about it! Obviously I am not happy with the amount of time British Gas have taken to sort this plus I know of at least two other people they've done this to with electricity bills so how many others have they done it too! Maybe that's why it's taking them so long! OK Rant over now! Back to catching up with blogs!


Paula said...

Hi Sally, thanks for telling me what the fabric was....think when I get the chart I'll order that fabric for it's gorgeous and really suits the chart.
OH NO....hope your back is feeling better'd better sit down and stitch all will help you relax!! lol
Summer is looking good, won't be long until you have that finished too.
Huggles to you

Julie said...

Summer is looking great Sally, what lovely colours

Poor you, sorry to hear you've done your back again, hope it isn't too painful for you

I was out in the car this morning and we had a hail storm but the sun is shining lovely now altohugh it is very windy, can't see the snow coming this far south - not today anyway !!!

take care, love and huggles

Heather said...

British Gas are the worst for expense in electric and gas rates, NPower are a little further up, but at the moment Scottish Power are the overall best and cheapest. I've just changed from NPower (who put my gas up to £64 a month without telling me) as they now have me paying over £100 for both and I can't afford that. Scottish Power will now be £68 a month for electric and gas, quite a big saving I'll have each month now and I'm on the price freeze until 2012.

Your Chatelaine looks great Sally.

How do you get that google reader thingy?

Michele said...

(((((( sally )))))) hope the blues leave you soon .. and hope your back gets better! stay safe and warm with your weird weather! lol

Jules said...

Hi Sally, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yes the angels are from The World Of Cross Stitching. You need to be stitching an afghan on a night like this, it's FREEZING. The wind was only really bad here on Friday but it's got really cold today. Hope the back gets better soon. x

Karen said...

I hope your back improves Sally , British Gas less said the better. We have had heavy rain today its blooming cold and the wind is starting to pick up

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

I can sympathise with your frustration at British Gas, especially after all the hassle I encountered with Scottish Power.

I am now with Sainsburys EDF Energy, but having done my homework, I have to admit that Heather's comment about Scottish Power is true. I am now wondering if I should swallow my pride, go against my principles, and switch back to them.

Rebecca x