Saturday, 6 January 2007

The Gift of Stitching

I subscribed to The Gift of Stitching today! Yes so I am on the stash wagon but as far as I'm concerned magazines can't really be counted as stash and, as Julie says, they are not stash, they are reading material! LOL! Nice one Julie! Anyway it is thanks to Julie that I have subscribed as she sent me a little something in return for sending her the charts for Just Nan Barnabee's Quest ( even though I did not ask for anything, bless you Julie). I have not had a proper look as yet but it does look very good. I also bought the back issues containing the Martina Webber design and the issue with the Christmas ornaments in it.

Last night was my last night on HAED Winter for a few weeks. I am quite sorry to have to put it away now but I really need to stick to my rotation or I'll never get anything else done! LOL! I'm hoping that next time I'll be able to finish the first page. I love the colours in this as there are blues, purples as well we greys, browns and whites. I also love the way it is coming along. So for tonight and tomorrow night it'll be Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV. Not sure I'll manage to finish the first part but I'll have a damned good go!

I received my GC order from Mary Kathryn today. You may remember that Rita in WI from the LHN Yahoo group kindly sent me a GC for my birthday and I ordered an LHN chart ( Chocolate Shoppe) and a CCN one ( A Place We Call Home). I honestly don't know which one to start first but it won't be for a while yet as there are a few other things which I need to do first! Not saying what as one is a secret as I'm not sure if the lady in question reads my blog or not! LOL!

DH decided that we'd go out for a meal tomorrow instead of yesterday so I didn't have to cook a Sunday lunch but he is ill with cold and feeling really rough so we're going to go another time.

We took all the Christmas decorations down this morning and the house looks so bare now; it's awful! I always hate it so much until I get used to them not being there. All my Christmas cross stitch is now in the loft with all the decs not to be seen for another 11 months! LOL!

I seem to have the taste for family history again. I go through stages where I research quite a bit then I hit a brick wall and stop! I am still hoping to make a start on my Mum's family but her maiden name was Fisher and there are loads of them!! LOL!


Heather said...

I received my Chocolate Shoppe today too Sally. It was my Christmas present to myself.

You'll love GOS, it's a great magazine.

Julie said...

Winters looking nice. Just knew you would have to subscribe!!! LOL. Hope DH feels better soon. Love and {{hugs}}

Stitchingranny said...

Hi Sally, your HAED design is coming on well, will look forward to progress pics as usual. I too took out a subscription to the on-line mag and I agree its not stash at all.

Mary Ann said...

Winter is looking lovely, Sally! I hope your DH is feeling better soon.