Saturday, 20 January 2007

Dreadful Weather & Stitching!

Well we certainly had the most horrendous weather on Thursday. We had awful gales and rain. The wind was swirling around so much I couldn't find a place in the house where I couldn't hear it quite as much as other rooms! I didn't venture out at all as I hate wind at the best of times. In the afternoon I decided to try and finish CCN Forest Snowfall but I couldn't concentrate on it properly as I was too busy listening to the wind and thinking the patio doors were going to blow in! I made a mistake so decided to put it away and unpick it another day. Abi had to walk home on her own because Jess was staying behind for IT. They changed the course so far through the first year so it means they only have time to do two units instead of four so their teacher said he'd stay behind on a Thursday evening for those who wanted to do an extra unit Jess did as it'll mean an extra GCSE. Anyway Abi had just about got blown off her feet so she'd sheltered in the library door way and rang me to see if her Dad was home and could pick her up. He wasn't so I said I'd ring my FIL and he went to pick her up. Thankfully we had no damage to our house or anything in the garden but there was damage elsewhere.

The wind has returned today but nowhere near as bad as it was. Good job I left the wheelie bins round the end of the shed or I think they'd have been over again! The foreacst for us for Monday is heavy snow so we'll see if it's right. It certainly feels much colder today than it has done of late.

On the stitching front I've done my week ( Monday to Friday) on HAED Summer ACEO and for all I don't feel that I've done much looking at the scan I guess I have for five days! LOL! That's five evenings plus a couple of hours over two afternoons. I have done 32 rows on page two, which is about 2,500 stitches, so that's it until it's her turn in my rotation again. I desperately want to get another HAED finished and am still rather despondant over the time it's taking me. I want to finish another before I start another or I'll never finish anything!
It's nice to see her wings finally develop and I LOVE the colours of her hair!

Speaking of hair I think I'm going to have mine restyled with the money I have left from my birthday and the money I got for Christmas. I've had the same style for years now and have just had it either cut a bit shorter, or had a few layers out in so it's time I had something different. I bought a hair mag yesterday but can't make up my mind what to have! LOL! I fancy something really different but not too short and nothing outrageous!

Right might just go and add a few stitches to Forest Snowfall and see if I can get it finished!


Stitchingranny said...

Your HAED is looking good Sally, at least with yours you can see what it is - mine just looks like someone splashed the mustard lol.

I know what you mean about the winds, I never moved on Thursday either. Still windy here but not gale force though it is forcast to return I think. Makes my very nervous.

Julie said...

Summer has grown a lot since last time Sally

Hope you managed to get Forest sorted out, is it finished? I had to frog the honeycomb bit on Barnabee (bother, i wasn't going to admit to that)!!

Can we see a pic of the new hairstyle when it's done, otherwise we might not recognise the new you eh LOL!!!!

Karen said...

The HAED is looking good Sally, The wind isnt too bad today friday was dreadful here as well.
Good luck on looking for a new hairstyle I keep thinking about changing mine but I am too much of a coward to get it cut so I just get it coloured

Paula said...

Hi Sally, I think your HAED is looking great, well done on your progress.
Hope you get Forest fixed up, have you much more to do on it?
The wind is the same here....when will it end. It's not raining yet, it's sunny for now..but no doubt the rain isn't far away here.
And it's too get colder here during the week too.
Have you decided on a new hairstyle? Hope we see a pic!