Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A Bracing Walk!

This morning I decided to have a walk along the seafront. It was a bit dull as we'd had heavy rain a couple of hours before but it was nice. The wind was getting up too so if I wasn't quite awake when I went out I certainly was by the time I came back in. Anyway I took the digital camera with me and took a few photos of the sea and the promenade to share with you.

The end of The TransPennine Trail.
Wonder what this lot are waiting for!
It was a lovely walk and one I really should do more often seen as we live so close. I can actually see the sea from my landing window. I don't think I'll be walking it tomorrow though as we're supposed to be having gale force winds and heavy rain. More rain! My lawn is squelching under foot enough as it is! LOL! Anyway I think the walk did me the power of good as I feel that bit brighter than I have done over the last week or so.

I haven't finished CCN Forest Snowfall as yet! Yes I know I only have a bit left to do but I have got heavily into HAED Summer ACEO, which is in my rotation slot for this week, and I just want to keep on stitching her. I actually sat yesterday afternoon and did a couple of hours ( not that you'd notice really!) and intend on doing some this afernoon too. I need to start a little something for a friend who has a birthday later on this month and have found the chart I want to stitch and sorted fabric and threads but just not got around to starting yet!

Hope you enjoy my pictures. Anybody who doesn't know where I live like to guess where it is? And no asking somebody who does know! LOL!

Oh and it looks as though Blogrolling is finally working! I contacted them through their support form on 30th December and finally had a reply yesterday to say they were looking into it and hoped to have the matter resolved soon. Not before time!


Heather said...

What stunning photos Sally. The sea looks pretty calm. Maybe in the Summer we'll come and visit, I have a child who loves the sea!!! I'm not a sand worshipper or water that isn't bath temperature!!!

It sounds like that walk did you good, I'm going to look into walks round here to do during the day when it gets warmer and madam is at school.

Aren't the Penines expecting snow over the next few days?

I've not stitched on my HAED's for a while and didn't end up doing that SAL over the weekend with a sicky child.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Heidi said...

Wow you live in a beautiful place! What I wouldn't give to live by the sea.

Julie said...

fab pics, it looks so peaceful and beautiful, i know where you live but i'll keep my mouth shut LOL
love and {hugs} Julie x

Marguerite said...

Hi Sally, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm jealous of your seaside walk. I used to love to do that where I grew up, I'd walk along Cleethorpes front in the winter, just love it! I live about 7 hrs. from the coast now and I miss it!

Nicola said...

Great photo's Sally. Living right slap, bang in the middle of the country I only get to see the sea when I go south to visit my parents or Mother-in-law.

Looking forward to stitching the Chocolate Shoppe with you in the SAL.

Claire said...

Can I 'guess'??!! LOL

Love the piccies - I think you could have started off a new international game - where do I live?! I may take some piccies of our area and post them.... great idea.


Paula said...

Hi Sally, sounds like that walk did you the world of good. I really should try and walk more often too, but not in this the summer when it's warm lol.
Your pics are lovely.
Looking forward to seeing your update on HAED

jane said...

Your photos are great Sally - I would love to live near the sea, whenever we visit a coastal area I'm the one off on my own looking for the wildest, most windswept place I can
As for where you live, well I know so I'd better not guess.

Mary Ann said...

Sally, such beautiful pictures!!! I can see how that walk would do you good!

Karen said...

Walking by the sea seems to help make people feel better your photos are super , I am so jealous you have sandy a beach here we have pebbles until the sea goes out.

Michele said...

Sally, the photos are wonderful! I love the water and living in Washington, I'm lucky to have a lot of it around .. but not quite as close as you do! What a wonderful walk :)

~Kim~ said...

Thanks for the pictures Sally! Its so neat to see where other stitching friends live! Man all that rain.. I will trade you for all our snow!!

Cant wait to see your completed pic of Forest Snowfall!


Cheryl said...

Hi Sally! Not really sure how i came across your blog but thought i'd leave a comment anyway as ive been enjoying it whilst i should be working. Living in Scotland i can sympathise with you regarding the rain (although today we have heavy snow).

Jacqui said...

I had a bracing walk yesterday (17th) along our local beach too. I think it's about a mile away so we drove there, walked along the promenade, then back to the car and home. Had to have a shower to warm up. Brrrr. Next one on Monday. If it doesn't snow. I DO NOT do snow.

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

My grandparents used to live in Swansea, and whenever I used to visit them, the sea air always seemed to make me feel so much better, even if the weather wasn't anything to write home about (it always seemed to rain). I do wonder if I should seriously consider moving to the coast.

I hope that you have survived the weather today. It wasn't as bad here as I'd feared it would be. There were some almighty strong gusts of wind, but then there would be a lull before the next lot, which offered a little respite.

Hope you're keeping well.

Rebecca x