Friday, 5 January 2007

Time To Talk About......

I decided to blog about my finishes for 2006 today. I hope I can remember them as I deleted the list from here a few days ago so am looking at my Webshots for them! I have an album of 2006 finishes but some of them are in albums for a specific designer! So here goes!

2006 Finishes.

  • San Man Originals The Perfect Tree

  • San Man Originals Dream a Little Dream

  • San Man Originals Silent Night

  • San Man Originals Holy Night

  • San Man Originals I Love Spring

  • Just Nan Barnabee's Quest

  • Shepherds Bush Busy Sheep

  • Heaven and Earth Designs Quick Stitch Luna

  • Heart in Hand Summer Needleroll

  • Heart in Hand Winter Needleroll

  • Heart in Hand Fall Needleroll

  • Victoria Sampler Jungle Bells Tree Farm

  • Bent Creek Walking in a Winter Snapperland

  • Little House Needleworks Lavender Hill

  • Elizabeth's Designs Flowers for My Friend

  • Merry Heart To Teach

  • Heaven and Earth Designs Quick Stitch Sagittarius

  • Heart in Hand School Days

  • Erica Michaels 1st Class Teacher

  • Doop Designs Our Future

  • Little House Needleworks Watermelon

  • Indigo Rose Peace on Earth

  • Just Nan Whimzi Rose

  • Little House Needleworks Where There is Life

  • Alchemy Stitchcraft/ Jayne's Attic Biscornu SAL

  • Heaven and Earth Designs Quick Stitch Blossom

  • Val's Stuff Be Merry

  • Monsterbubbles Feliz Navidad

  • Little House Needleworks The Counting House

  • Lizzie*Kate 12 Blessings of Christmas
I am very pleased with all I have achieved this year especially completing the three HAEDs. I never thought I'd be able to stitch one, even a quick stitch, so I am delighted with those.
I have been stitching away this week on HAED Winter ( Sara Butcher) but am getting a bit despondant with it if I'm honest. I'm not doing too badly but haven't even finished a page yet and with 36 pages of chart I'll be lucky if I get it finished before I'm 50! LOL! I have three other full size charts in my stash so have now decided that I won't get another full sized one no matter how much I like it. To complete it any quicker I'd have to work on it constantly and would probably end up fed-up before I'd finished it! I think once I get one page completed I will more than likely feel better about it. My goals on the HAED board for 2007 are to finish 2 pages of Winter ( being realitistic here!) and to finish QS Summer ACEO. I really want to start HAED Guardian and Spirit of Winter this year too but there's no way I could cope with three full sized ones on the go. I'll see how I get on with Winter over the next month or so. I'll post an up to date WIP pic of Winter after tonight.
On the rotation front I'm changing it slightly. I have now decided on a 4 week rotation to include HAED Quick Stitch Dragonette so that I get more done on that too. If I don't it'll take me forever to stitch the few pages it has!
Good news about the hair straighteners I sent away before Christmas! As they hadn't reached their destination as of yesterday Royal Mail considered them lost so that meant I could make a claim. I printed off a claim form from their website but then decided to do a search for the service centre I'd sent them to. Turns out that they've moved from Warrington to Wigan since the booklet that was with my straighteners was printed. So I rang them to ask if mail was being directed to them and explained what had happened. Turns out my straighteners were redirected there and they are sending me a replacement shortly! So that is one piece of good news for the New Year!


Jo said...

Well done on all your finishes!

Mary Ann said...

That is a lovely list of finishes you had for 2006, Sally! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your 2007 finishes!!

Julie said...

WOW thats some list of achievements, well done. Good news on the straightners, hope you get the replacements soon

Heather said...

You managed a lot of finishes Sally, you beat me again this time round. I must try and beat you for 2007 LOL

Karen said...

Thats alot of finishes well done, I have not finished many larger designs as I spent most of the year making cards lol

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

What a truly amazing list of achievements. Having just caught up with Heather's blog on Spaces, and seen her list of achievements too, I really do feel that it is about time I pulled my finger out and did some stitching.

Good news about the hair straighteners, by the way.

Rebecca x