Thursday, 25 January 2007

And Another!

Time for another finish. I needed a quick fix seen as I've been stitching on HAEDs and stuff so here is Mouseloft Robin. DH's auntie bought me the kit several years ago and I had kind of forgotten about him and found him when I was tidying my stash drawers. Isn't he cute?! He was really quick to stitch and I love just love robins. The only problem with small stuff is how to finish him off! I think he'll be going in the pile of finishing off to do for a while! Actually he'd look good in a coaster! Wow brainwave! Where did that come from?! LOL! Next small start will be San Man Originals By The Sea- yes one from my goals list at last! I thought it would be relatively quick to stitch plus there's a tuck with it so it's an instant finish for me!

Speaking of San Man Originals Sandy has put out a new Secret Shop newsletter and there's a couple of charts that I would love! So typical when I'm on the stash wagon and my first temptation only a few weeks in! Anyway I've decided I'm not going to give in and just hope they are still available come April and I will allow myself to order again. Neither of them are limited supplies so finger's crossed!

Part 2 of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery is out and I have just printed it out, again in four pieces so that I can see the symbols etc! This time it's an inner frame stitched using cross stitches, backstitch and diamond eyelets. It's going to require good concentration and careful counting to get it positioned right! That'll be my project for the coming weekend!

HAED Quick Stitch Dragonette is going quite well. I can't say I'm enjoying it as I'm not keen on stitching it! I want to stitch it, as it's for Jessica, but I don't if you get what I mean! It might go better now that I have some bigger blocks of colour on the next 10 rows. It does look good though as you can clearly see the dragon's wings.

I had a walk into the town centre this morning ( only about a 15 min walk) and took CCN Forest Snowfall in to be framed. I don't think I've had so much stuff framed in such a short amount of time so John, the framer, will be wondering what is happening! LOL! My back held up pretty well so I was pleased. I need to get my head down this afternoon as I have a headache coming on so it might not like me being laid on the settee!

I was going to download a few songs earlier. The girls make a list of stuff they like and I add to it too. I wanted to try and find the song from the latest Kleenex advert, the one where the bloke who used to be in The Bill asks people to sit and have a chat, so I did a search to see if I could find out what it was. Turns out it's Starrfadu ( anybody heard of them?) and the song is called Let It Out. The only place in the UK you can download it is ITunes and I don't use them so guess I'll have to wait and see if MSN get it on their download list. I might even email them and see if there's any chance of it! LOL! It's worth a try!
Right off to get my head down for an hour I think!


Julie said...

very cute and a great idea about the coaster, would make a nice little Xmas pressie stocking filler for someone. We've just had a pair of them twittering away outside my conservatory window whilst i was eating my lunch!!!

Can't wait to see the 2nd part of Chatelaine, sounds really lovely and i'm keen to see your update on dragonette when you end your week in the rota

take care and rest

Mary Ann said...

Sally, I hope your head and back are feeling better! And, how cute that little robin is!!! I think it would be a great coaster piece. And...I'll be watching for pictures of the 2nd part of Chatelaine and Dragonette!

Claire said...

Another wonderful finish - and would look great in a coaster!


Jo said...


Robins are so cheery.

Paula said...

Hi Sally, aww the Robin is lovely and he would be perfect in a coaster.
Looking forward to seeing your chatelaine and dragonette updates..and of course your framed piece too.
Happy Stitching

Heather said...

A coast would be good, or make an ornament you could hang up all year round.

Don't know if you've watched Grow Your Own Veg on BBC2 on a Friday evening, but Carol Klein has a tame one in her garden, it takes food from her hand.

Can't wait to see your Chatelaine stitched up, or CCN framed.

Hope your back is better soon.

Karen said...

your Robin is so cute a coaster is a great idea

Lizzy said...

Hi Sally, Your wee robin is adorable and would make a lovely coaster! What a brilliant idea!
;-) I'll be anxiously awaiting progress piccys on Dragonette and the 2nd part of Chatelaine and your framed Forest Snowfall...

I hope your headache has gone by now and I do hope your back is better soon. I have bother with mine, so I know what you're going through.

Love and Hugs...

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

That robin is so adorable, and I would agree that it would look stunning if displayed in a coaster.

The framer must love you for helping to keep him in business. Lol.

I have never heard of Starrfadu, and I do not use iTunes, but I do know someone that does. If you would like me to, I can ask if they would mind downloading that song for you, and seeing if they could send it to me as a file attachment, or file transfer on Messenger, which I could then forward on to you. Have a think and let me know (probably best via e-mail, than via a comment on my Space).

Rebecca x