Monday, 15 January 2007

Catching Up.

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. I have been feeling under the weather both physically and mentally and just haven't felt like doing much on the PC. Been trying to catch up with at least one group I'm in plus just been catching up with the blogs in my list. Please welcome Paula to the wonderful world of blogging!

It was my uncle's funeral on Thursday afternoon. We have a new vicar at the parish church and he seems a vast improvement on the last one. I have to admit that I don't go to church except for funerals, weddings and christenings plus when the girls were in juniors in primary school they had carol concerts in church. Anyway the service was beautiful, the hymns two of my favourites and the vicar was wonderful. I did not feel particularly sad as it was more a celebration of his life and I was OK until my uncle's coffin passed by us on the way out, then the tears came. I have felt pretty low since then and can't put my finger on exactly why. There was something after the funeral which did nothing for my already low self-esteem and confidence but I think it's those things on top of PMT which are making me feel low plus I've been feeling like I've been going down with cold but it doesn't seem to be coming to anything which is very annoying.

My stitching has been going quite well even if I do say myself! I have almost finished Country Cottage Needleworks Forest Snowfall and as you can see from this WIP pic I only have some snow and backstitch to do.

I have darkened the scanned pic slightly so that you can see the white better. I am delighted with the way this is turning out and am hoping to get some time during the day tomorrow to get it finished. Would love some snow here like this! LOL!

My plan for the weekend was to start Chatelaine Summer Afternoon but on Saturday evening I felt sick, my throat was sore and I felt generally sorry for myself. So I got the sofa snuggler out, wrapped myself up in it and started to read The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. Sunday evening I didn't think it was worth starting Summer Afternoon so I carried on with CCN Forest Snowfall.

This week it's the turn of HAED Summer ACEO in my rotation and I am hoping to get a good bit done on her. She is one of my goals for 2007 on the HAED ezboard and I want to get her finished by the end of the year, although much sooner would be nice! I have two pages done so four to go although two of those aren't full pages.

I am doing well on the wagon so far and even though I have been feeling down I have not had the urge to buy anything. Usually when I feel down I want to buy some stash so things must be very bad! LOL! I think the fact that I have lots of charts plus complimentary charts has made me realise that I just don't need to buy anymore and has sort of stopped me wanting to, if that makes any sense at all! Let's face it three months of not buying isn't going to kill me and I'll save money too!


Julie said...

well done on 'Forest' Sally, it's beautiful. Funerals always make me feel a bit low for a while afterwards. love and {hugs}

Carol said...

Forest Snowfall is beautiful!!!

Lisa said...

Forest Snowfall is looking beautiful Sally, well done.
Sorry you're feeling down, I'm the same today, just want to go hide in bed for a few days right now.

Michele said...

Sally, Forest Snowfall is lovely! I'm sorry you're still feeling down .. hopefully with the funeral over things will start looking up .. glad to hear your stitching is still going well :)

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Forest is gorgeous - I love the LHN/Country Cottage charts.

Hope you feel better soon ((hug))

Heather said...

Your Forest Snowfall is stunning Sally. It's one I would like to get eventually, even more now I've seen yours.

Feel better soon and take care.


Stitchingranny said...

Sally the Forst Snowfall is lovely and I sure the small amount you have left will soon be done. Hope you are feeling better soon, I dont think the awful weather helps when you are feeling down.

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

Thank you for dropping by my Space earlier today.

I am starting to wonder if there is something in the air. I haven't been feeling under the weather as such, but I can't seem to motivate myself into doing a great deal, due to a combination of restlessness and lethargy. I keep hoping I will get back to normal soon, especially as my body clock is now completely out of synch.

I am pleased that your Uncle's funeral service went well, yet sad that it caused you to feel low afterwards. It sounds as though you're experiencing a lot of emotions caused by different things, which are all merging into one great big mass.

Forest Snowfall looks great, and I think you have every right to feel pleased with it. At least you're stitching, which is more than can be said for me.

I really hope you start to feel better soon, but it the meantime, take care!

Rebecca x

jane said...

Forest snowfall is beautiful Sally. Hope you feel better soon!

Lucy said...

Hi Sally...found you through comments on another blog and thought I would stop over and visit. Love your Forest Snowfall....I love anything with the folky sorta look. Beautiful job! Hope you start feeling better soon!

Mary Ann said...

Forest Snowfall is looking beautiful!!

Paula said...

Hi Sally, Forest Snow is gorgeous.
Aww Sally I'm sorry you're feeling too good...I definitely think it's a January thing.....and your uncles funeral doesn't help either. You are probably grieving.
I do hope you are feeling better soon.
Look forward to seeing your progress on the HAED......
Happy Stitching,

Paula said...

OOhh Sally forgot to thank you for the welcome so thank you!

Karen said...

Forest Snowfall is lovely , sorry to hear you are feeling down, hopfully you will soon start to feel brighter

Nancy in IL said...

I'm LOVING your new blog. amd Forest Snowfall is just stunning, Sally! Lovely piece of work!