Monday, 8 January 2007

Christmas Mystery IV

Here's my Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV part 1 completed! I'm very pleased with the way this is looking so far. I chose not to use the silks as I just couldn't justify spending all that money so am using DMC as well as the recommended Rainbow Gallery threads and Delica beads etcSo I am now free to stitch on anything I like at the weekends until the next part comes out! I have no idea what that will be as yet. Maybe something I'm already stitching on or something new off my goals list! if I'm going to make any headway on it I'd better start soon!I guess I could make weekends my time for Chatelaine stitching and start Summer Afternoon! LOL!

Lisa and I are doing well on the wagon so far. Yeah so it's only been a week but I haven't had the slightest urge to buy anything at all. Not even fabric or threads so I am pleased with myself! I am confident that we can keep it up until April 1st.

Jess had her biology mock this morning then came home for an hour or so before her Maths one. She thinks it went OK! Tomorrow she's got three mocks but Wednesday she only has one so she can have a lie in, go into school for the mock then be home for about 12.45! Thursday is a normal school day, then Friday she's got three mocks again. I'm keeping my finger's crossed that she does well on all of them.


Heather said...

Good luck to Jess on her Mocks.

Your Chatelaine is looking great Sally. Apart from that, have you started and finished anything else this year? Well I know how fast you stitch!!!

Claire said...

I am going to enjoy watching your mystery develop!

Hope Jess gets on well with her mocks...


Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

I do not envy Jess sitting her mock exams, but my fingers are crossed that she does well.

Rebecca x

Julie said...

Wishing Jess "Good Luck"

Chatelaine is looking really nice Sally, you have been busy

Stitchspice said...

Hi Sally,
Look forward to seeing how Chatelaine evolves.
Good luck to Jess with her mocks.
Hugs Fi.

Nicki said...

Christmas Mystery looks lovely so far :) It'll be just as nice as the silks version. I'm sure DMC looks exactly the same as NPIs and the variegated threads may be pretty but they don't make too much difference! :)