Tuesday, 9 January 2007

What a Day!

I think like the rest of the country we have had very high winds today. I went to the shops today and just about got blown away! It wasn't too bad going but coming back I was walking against the wind so was tired out by the time I got in! LOL! Later in the morning the heavens opened and the wind blew even more! Thank God I was inside and safe!

Had a good clean up in the living room today. I think it had the best dust it's had in a while with the Christmas decorations being up. Even the floor got a polish! It'll be the turn of the dining room tomorrow!

I have decided to try and get the SMO Let It Snow SAL finished over the next few days if I get chance to stitch in an afternoon. I managed to get the snowman finished this afternoon so just have to backstitch him and do the snowflakes on his body which I hope to do tomorrow. I'd like to get it finished and made into a bellpull by the end of the week. CCN Forest Snowfall is going quite well but I'm not terribly keen on the fabric. Don't get me wrong it's very pretty but with it being opalescent it's a pig to see the holes properly and I've ended up making a mistake in the counting in one place at least. Hope it goes better tonight!

Looks like Blogrolling is working again ( finger's crossed!).


Mary Ann said...

Sally, I'm looking forward to seeing Let It Snow finished! And, Christmas Mystery is looking beautiful! Also, I like your new template.

Julie said...

i'm not keen on opalescent myself Sally, i get the glitter bits mixed up with the holes LOL

looking forward to seeing your version of the SMO SAL

Heather said...

Looking forward to seeing your SMO as a bellpull Sally.

I had asked Mum the other day if she'd look and see in Hobbycraft about getting some bellpulls for some of my projects. I know if I did this with mine, it would hang in the hall at Christmas.

It wasn't too windy today until around lunchtime and the heavens opened. When it was time to collect from school, it was high winds and heavy rain, but only when I'd walked half way there :(

paula said...

Hi Sally,
can't wait to see your Let it Snow as a bell pull. Wish I was clever enough to finish things like that lol. Mine will be put into a frame! lol

OOhh I bought aida opalescent for a Middy sal I'm starting on Monday. Hopefully I won't find the holes hard to find with it being 14 ct.

So Sally when are you starting "Believe in Yourself"? and have you decided on fabbie for it yet??


Sally said...

Not sure when I'm starting Believe in Yourself yet Paula. I'd quite like to get it done for Jess before she starts her GCSEs. No idea what I'll be stitching it on! Possibly just a plain white or something like that. Have you got it?

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

At present, the sun is shining ("Wahey!"), and it's not in the least bit windy, which makes a pleasant change to recent days... gale-force winds, and horrendous downpours... British weather at its best. Lol.

Rebecca x

Michele said...

love your "new" look :) hope the wind isn't horrible today .. it's cold and a bit snowy here today .. supposed to be cold all weekend!

paula said...

Hi Sally
no I don't have this one yet. January is my "no stash buying month" so I think I will trat myself to it in February.
White fabbie is perfect for it as the colours are so bright and cheerful.