Wednesday, 10 January 2007

First Finish of 2007!

Well, here we are 10 days into January and I have my first finish! It is San Man Originals Let It Snow, a SAL for SMO message board members only. I actually started this back in November and the SAL ran for 7 weeks. I kept up with it pretty well but the last part came out late Christmas Day but I didn't request it until a few days later then didn't get around to stitching it. So here it is, stitched on Polstitches Dragon Shades Friendship using DMC, Dragon Floss and San Man Strands. I am delighted with the way this has turned out.

I'm still doing quite well with CCN Forest Snowfall. I made quite good progress on the house last night and hope to get that bit done tonight. I can't see me having it finished by the end of the week but you never know! Off to stitch and see what I can do!

Oh I almost forgot! I wanted to share this photo of Abigail and our budgie Billy!

Do you think he likes her hat?!!!


Stitchingranny said...

Thats a really lovely finish Sally. Love the bell pull ends on it, really sets it off. I have this one to do but there was just so much else to do at Christmas I never got it started, oh well one for next Christmas maybe lol.


Heather said...

Sally, it's beautiful. Well done.

Now can you show me (email me is fine) how you attached it to the bellpull and finished it please, I've never actually done a bellpull and this might just help Mum experiment with the one she has at home all set to do.

Ta muchly :)

Ah the budgie and Abi are sweet together.

Julie said...

WOW Sally, those bell pulls ends are perfect for it, it looks fantastic, must get round to making my bellpull, see you actually finished yours before me !!!

now i know what the budgie who tries to type me little notes looks like LOL - nice pic

Mary Ann said...

Let it Snow is lovely, Sally! I absolutely love how you finished it as a bell pull. Great picture of Abi and Billy the budgie!

JoAnn said...

Sally your Let It Snow is wonderful & I like the way you finished it in to a bell pull. What a nice picture of your budgie & Abigail!

Karen said...

The budgie looks good on its perch!! your SMO let it snow is super I need to pull my finger out and finish mine. I love the way you finished it

Claire said...

Fab finish Sally! I will get mine done - eventually!!


Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

The finished piece of work looks lovely, and I agree with stitchingranny's comment about the bell-pulls.

Reading your entry reminded me of something that a male friend of mine had once told me, after reading one of my blog entries (to do with cross-stitch). He had said that it was almost like reading something that had been written in a foreign language. He knew what cross-stitch was, but when I began mentioning different types of threads, it had gone over the top of his head.

I will admit that I haven't a clue what you're talking about when you mention "SAL", but it has kept me entertained trying to work out what it stands for (I'm guessing it's an abbreviation?).

Rebecca x

Kathy said...

OOoooooooo what a lovely finish Sally, I love snowmen

Hugs & Stitches xxxx