Friday, 2 February 2007

It's Friday!

Hi everybody! I thought it was time I came in and updated my blog seen as it's a week since I did! I've been intent on updating it but just couldn't be bothered to be honest. Anyway I am here now! LOL!

First off I was excited and somewhat nervous to be able to meet Chris yesterday. She doesn't live all that far away from me so we decided to meet up at a cafe in the town where I live. We had a lovely day chatting and we both brought along some of our stitching to show each other. I must say that the finishes and WIP that Chris brought had me drooling and made me realise how much I miss all my normal stitching with working on three HAEDs. So I have decided that I want to finish both the quick stitches that I'm doing BEFORE I start another HAED, so that I will only have one QS and one full size one on the go and I can concentrate more on other things I enjoy stitching. Plus no more buying HAEDs either no matter how much I like them. I have loads in my stash so it's not as though I need anymore or have none to stitch. Anyway Chris and I will be meeting up again in the future and I'm looking forward to that.

I have been quite down again and was having trouble lifting myself out of it. I have a close friend who thinks I could have depression ( you know who you are {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}) but I can't face seeing the doctor and going on anti-depressants again. They give them out whilly nilly these days like it's anything for a quiet life. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and don't like the side effects. LOL! However I don't like the way I am so need to boost myself up somehow. A lot of the time it depends on circumstances as to how I feel plus how I am feeling physically. I know things with my Dad don't help plus I am so tired because I'm not sleeping properly.

Jessica has got a mock GCSE results day today and she texted me earlier to say she'd got 4 A's, 6 B's and a C in Art! I am so pleased for her and so proud. I know it isn't her actual GCSEs but it shows what she can do and will give her a boost for her actual exams. I have no idea which subjetcs she got what in until she gets home but I know she'll be pleased especially as she was expecting C's in English Lit and Language and she must have higher. She has a leadership group meeting as well as 6th Form taster lessons as well today so she was trying Maths, Biology and Chemistry as she wants to do those as well as Physics. She's determined to do something scientific as a career.

Last Sunday we finally got out for Sunday lunch! As you may remember we were going out the Sunday after DH's birthday but he was ill. We went The Nags Head at Routh and it was lovely. We used to go there many years ago ( pre-kids!) so since we were last there they have totally gutted it and have refurbished it. We have decided to go out for Sunday every so often and try different places in the area.

Right to my stitching! Last week was the turn of HAED QS Dragonette in my rotation and I didn't do too badly with it. I got to the part where there was bigger areas of one colour so it was a bit easier and quicker to stitch. It is quite a dull piece really but Jess loves it so far. You can see the dragon's wings, a tree and the start of it's horns as well as a bit of it's body. As you can see I only have about 20 rows of page 1 to do so I might just get that page finished when I get it out again in a few weeks. If you would like to have a look you can see what it will be like here

I made a start on the second part of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV ( yep the frogs Chris! LOL!) and have completed all the stitching but haven't attached all the beads yet so will post that when I have. I daren't sit on the settee and stitch them on incase I lose the beads down the settee so only stitch them on if I can sit at the dining table! I might just get a few on this afternoon when I'm done on here!

What else do I have to share? Oh yes I started this last week and finished up this week. It's San Man Originals By the Sea which is from one of last year's secret shops. I used DMC for it apart from GAST Deep Sea which I used for the sea and the word Sea. I cannot take credit for the lovely tuck as it came with it. Not sure where I'm going to hang it yet but I do have another one to hang also with a sea theme so will find somewhere for them together.

Thank you to Carol (cc45) from the SMO message board who granted my January wish for a coaster to mount the robin in. Not only did she send me one coaster she sent me two as well as two Dragon Floss so thank you so much Carol {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}. Robin is now in his new home.

This week HAED Winter is my rotation piece and I am almost through with page 1. I would probably have got it done by now but I didn't stitch on Monday due to a neuralgia type headache ( thought I was getting another ear infection!) then last night we had a 6th Form meeting at school so by the time we'd picked Abi up from FIL's and got home and sorted I didn't sit down to stitch until 8pm. I am hoping I can get a good bit done tonight then, providing I have all the beads on the Christmas mystery, I can go back to Chatelaine Summer Afternoon.

Off to catch up on the blogs in my list. I haven't looked for days!


Karen said...

what fun meeting Chris , sounds like a great idea to meet up and chat.
Sorry you are feeling so down my GP asked the other day if I felt I was depressed, I thought yes probably but I am not admitting it to you I have seen way too many people on anti depressants :-(
Your stitching finish are super

Claire said...

Keeping smiling Sally. Anti depresants dont always have to be the answer - I now refuse them as I know they don't work for me - perhaps chatting to someone may help.


Julie said...

Congrats to Jess, great results, just the real thing to do in May now !!

Nice SMO finish and Dragonette is growing

i don't take the pills either, prefer the yoga and meditation and relaxation therapies and they work for me

lots of love and {hugs}

Michele said...

nice to see you back and blogging :) love that little tuck! Isn't it fun to meet stitching friends! Maybe you and Chris can have a little stitch-in next time!

Wish I had a cure-all for you and your depression .. whatever you decide, I hope all goes well for you! (((((((sally))))))))))

Mary Ann said...

Hi Sally, it's nice to see a post on your blog, and I hope you are feeling better soon. ((hugs)). Your HAED is looking great, and By the Sea is a lovely finish!!

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

Have you ever been prescribed Cipralex? It was what I was prescribed a couple of years ago. Was reluctant to go down the route of anti-depressants, but a number of people said Cipralex had worked for them, so decided to give it a go. Took the edge off, without making me feel as though I wasn't in control. I also took Evening Primrose Oil capsules, and Omega 3 capsules, and found that helped a lot too. In addition, talking to my friends and having their support helped enormously.

Of course, we're all different, and what works for one person does not always work for another. You have to go with what feels right for you.

I'm pleased your meet-up with Chris went so well.Maybe you'll have to see if you can do it again soon, as it may be the tonic you need to give you a lift. Glad you had such a great time.

Rebecca x

Paula said...

Hi Sally, aww I am sorry you are still not feeling well. You can email me for a chat anytime! Sally remember me last year? I was a complete and utter took St. Johns' Wort and I found they really helped. They are herbal and non addictive, maybe you could try them. I prefered the Superdrugs brand.
I love By the sea, I have this too and plan to hang it in my bathroom with another I have similar.
Your Dragonette has really grown.It's lovely
Woohhooo well done to Jess, what great results. I'm sure she'll do just as well in the real thing. I can remember her going into secondary school, the years fly by!
Big {{{{{{{{{{huggles}}}}}}}}}} to you.

Stitchspice said...

Hi Sally,
Glad to see you back.
You know we are all here for you to chat to.
Congrats to Jess on her results.