Monday, 26 February 2007

Weekend WIPs

I have had quite a productive weekend stitching wise so thought I'd share my WIP pics. On Saturday evening I stitched quite a lot of Sherry Senicar Designs Believe in Yourself and while I was waiting for the roast potatoes to cook yesterday afternoon I picked it up again and did some more so here it it so far. I love the fabric and have made the picture medium rather than small so it stands out better out. This piece was in my Christmas stash pack from Jayne's Attic as were some of the threads. The words "And your" and "True" are stitched with GAST but the rest are Carrie's Creations. I might try and finish it this afternoon then I'll need to get a wire hanger to finish it off.

Yesterday the third part of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV was released. I must admit that I was dreading it a little, wondering what was going to be in this part. This is the thing with doing a mystery I guess but it was the traditional colours that made me sign up. Anyway I was pleasantly surprised by this part although there is a lot of stitching in it but maybe not as much as the first part. This is all done around and inside the inner frame and last night I managed to get the top part done and made a start on the bit in the inner frame. I am looking forward to seeing how this part looks when it's done.

I had a lovely surprise this morning when I received a parcel from Jayne's Attic. I hadn't ordered anything so was a bit stumped as to what it could be. It turns out that I am chatterbox of the week! LOL! Jayne runs a draw where a random forum member is picked out each week and this time it was me! I have a lovely ornament size cut of Sassy's Fabby Sunburst Yellow Pearl and a Heirloom Embroideries free design called Darling Buds which is beautiful and would probably be perfect for a mini biscornu!

I can see I am going to have a very unhappy eldest daughter today. Last week I pre-ordered Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 for her from
Amazon While I was ordering I also ordered the CD Tusk by Fleetwood Mac as it was on sale. I paid for first class postage and thought it might get here on Saturday depending on when they posted it out. I received an email on Thursday to say the parcel had been depatched and, as yet, it has not arrived. Sigh. Then Royal Mail have the audacity to up postage rates again this coming April when they can rarely produce a first class service. I just hope it arrives tomorrow and it hasn't gone astray. I guess if it hasn't arrived by Thursday I will have to get in touch with Amazon and see what they say.

Hope everybody is having a good start to the week. Special hugs and good wishes to
Paula who is going for her scan today.


Paula said...

Hi Sally, firstly thank you for the thoughts and good wishes they are much appreciated. Scan was fine and it's just a grizzle lump TG.
Believe in yourself is gorgeous, I love the fabie you've used. And your Christmas Mystery is lovely too. You are busily stitching away.....
Huggles to you and Happy Stitching...

Julie said...

top of part 3 Chatelaine is lovely Sally, very effective

congrats on being the chatterbox LOL

don't get me started on Royal Mail ggrrrrr !!!!


Kajsa said...

Your stitching looks great Sally! I hope your order from Amazon comes quick, I know all about anxious kids waiting for their new goodies.

And yes, I'm Kajsa from Chartswappers. It's so nice to see you again!

June said...

Wow, you got a lot done over the weekend! 'Believe' looks so nice on that fabric, it was the perfect choice.

Your 'Christmas Mystery' is looking good - looking forward to seeing the progress on that. :)

Mary Ann said...

Wow, Sally! You were a busy stitcher this past weekend. Believe and the Christmas Mystery are both looking lovely!!

Stitchingranny said...

Hi Sally, The fabric and threads in Believe In Yourself look as though they were made to go together its great. Also your mystery is coming on nicely. I love to see these progress but have never had the courage to do one as I worry in case I wont like it when its done.

Michele said...

Nice stitching progress! I love the fabric you choose for Believe! and I really love Christmas Mystery so far!! Nice to have a good stitching weekend isn't it :)

Lizzy said...

Believe is just beautiful, Sally! The fabric and threads compliment each other so well!

Christmas Mystery is going to be lovely... I can't wait to see more! :-)

Congrats on being chatterbox of the week! :-) And I hope your Amazon order arrives ASAP... I get so impatient waiting on parcels in the post... :-)

Hazel said...

Wow love the fabbie on believe in yourself - really pretty. The Chatelaine thingy is very lovely too and very exciting. I have never done a mystery stitch before. Maybe its time I thought about one!