Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Chocolate Shoppe SAL

I made a start on Little House Needleworks The Chocolate Shoppe yesterday afternoon but I didn't get much done! I must say though this cake looks good enough to eat! Yummy! I am stitching this using 35 count fabric over 2 as I want it to fit in a frame I bought especially for it so I hope it'll be OK when I've finished it! I wonder how Claire and Nicola got on?

I had another good night on Chatelaine Summer Afternoon so I think I might stitch some of the beads on this afternoon then do more actual stitching tonight. It's nice to see plenty of progress on something rather than not a lot when I stitch on a HAED for five evenings! LOL!

I decided this morning to go for a walk along on the seafront and then into town to get a birthday card and post that and another one. Well it was very bracing along the seafront as the wind is off the sea but it was nice. I don't mind walking when it's like this as long as I get wrapped up well. I am disappointed that the snow hasn't reached us and the weathermen don't seem to be able to decide if it will or not! It's looking very black outside at the moment and looks as though something is coming but I bet it'll be rain. I'm so sick of the dull, rainy days we've had this Winter so the gorgeous frosty mornings we've had all week have been a welcome sight. It looks like it's going to be rain all weekend and next week too. Typical when it's half term!

ETA What is it with Google Reader today? Everytime I open it up and click on one of the blog links it freezes up. Anybody else had this problem?


Heather said...

It's thick with snow here Sally.

Your chocolate shoppe is looking good already. It looks like the cake in The Bakery chart.

Karen said...

that cake looks good!!!! as you know Sally we didnt get snow here but they did 5 miles away I am told lol it's been raining here on and off all day

Julie said...

we got snow Sally and lots of it

WOW that cakes looks nice, might have to go and get myself a biscuit now, it's made me feel nibbly LOL

Michelle said...

Great start on Chocolate Shoppe. I love that little strawberry on top. Yummy!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

lovely start, Sally! that cake does look yummy.

Barbara said...

Yummy cake. :)

~Kim~ said...

Your cake looks edible! Keep up the great progress!!


Paula said...

Hmm chocolate looks good enough to eat lol
We had snow here but not enough to keep me off work lol, The road were fine! Rain now and what little snow we had is gone but it's still up on the mountains.
Happy stitching

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

I love the Chocolate Shoppe. In fact, I now have an overwhelming urge to rush to Sainsburys before it closes, and buy myself the biggest chocolate cake I can find. Hmm, guess I'll have to make do with pringles & cheese and chive dip. Lol.

Rebecca x

Lizzy said...

Chocolate Shoppe is looking lovely, Sally! That cake looks delicious! :-) I want to stitch this one as well... I do believe I'll have to add it to my next order with Drema... The temptation is too great! lol

Tootles Hun... Sending you loads of snowy wishes... :-)