Monday, 19 February 2007

Is It Monday Again?

I can't believe that half term is over already! The week just flew by and, once again, the house is quiet; just me with a budgie for company :( LOL! We went out quite a bit, mostly shopping, and we went on a visit to the Scarborough Sealife Centre and Marine Sanctury. It was a nice day out but the admission price seems to have shot up for what there is there. The Deep in Hull is better value for money but that is just my opinion. Jessica desperately wanted to bring a penguin home and I must say they were incredibly cute, as were the otters and seals, although we know only too well that seals aren't as cute as they appear!! LOL!

We tried to find a prom dress for Jess in the sales but, ofcourse, there wasn't any other than hugely priced ones. We'll try at Freeport over the next few weeks and see if we can pick one up there that she likes and isn't £100!

I didn't get much stitched last week. It was the turn of HAED Summer ACEO in my rotation but I only managed 10 rows so I have decided that I will carry on with it Monday to Friday this week. I want to try and get quite a lot done each time I do one of my HAEDs and, hopefully, get another finished over the next few months. I really want to start another QS soon. What happens when you say you have enough HAED charts and you're not going to buy anymore? Michele and Bob release this and this but I am resisting!

Last night I finished Heirloom Embroideries Peachy Biscornu. I have to say this was an absolute joy to stitch and so easy to finish up. Carol's chart and instructions were fantastic and it certainly won't be the last of hers I buy. So here's a couple of piccies.



Unfortunately the back piccie is a bit blurred but it gives you an idea of what it is like! So I now have another slot in my rotation to fill but as the third part of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV is due out on Sunday I might just carry on with Summer for Saturday evening or just have a break from stitching!

Oh and I have added another poll to help me decide on what to start next! I have made some changes from the last poll as I found that I didn't have some of the threads for some of the others. Please feel free to vote again!

Now I have a confession to make! I have had a teeny trip up on the stash wagon! It's only a teeny one and I promise to be good now until 1st April. I was searching on Ebay just out of interest to see what Drawn Thread charts there were and I came across My Favourite Things, which is on my wish list, for £2 so I bid on it and got it for £2.41! It was too good to miss although I did feel a complete failure and rather guilty when I am supposed to be on the stash wagon. Anyway that it is now until 1st April as I have gone about 6 weeks and intend to last the rest of the time. At least it's only one thing and it wasn't full price so I think I can still be kind of proud of myself! LOL!


Karen said...

lovely finish Sally, a tiny blip whilst you are on the wagon shouldnt be a problem lol. I love penguins I wanted one as well but DH said no I have a fluffy one now

Claire said...

I love The Deep.

And what are you like - giving us links to some gorgeous Caron Vinson charts - thats just naughty!

Love your finish - lovely soft colours.


Carol said...

That is a gorgeous biscornu Sally!

Julie said...

fantastic finish Sally, i just knew you would love it, it's so delicate and different to stitch

i voted in your next poll LOL

only a tiny blip - you've done fantastic to last this long, i know i wouldn't have done LOL

Carla said...

wonderful finish!! is very pretty :)

June said...

What a beautiful biscornu - love the colours!

Paula said...

Hi Sally, ooohh your biscornu is gorgeous well done on your finish.
I voted for Sherry Senicar in this pole, it's so gorgeous, bright and cheerful....

Stitchingranny said...

Thats really lovely Sally, well done.

Anita said...

You biscornu is very pretty. I love Carol Tinson designs.

thank you for stopping by my blog and left me comments. I will visit in the future here.

Anita said...

Me again I wish I saw your trade list on the stash exchange first, but someone has already asked for trading the biscornu chart...(:(:

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

Blimey! It didn't take you long to get the Peachy Biscornu finished... I'm impressed! And, even more impressed by the finished results... it looks absolutely lovely!!!

Rebecca x