Saturday, 3 February 2007

Please Vote!

I have a free slot in my rotation so have added a poll! Please feel free to vote and help me decide! LOL!

I have made a huge decision today. Yesterday I mentioned HAEDs and how I wasn't going to start another one until I'd finished both the quick stitches I'm doing. I want to have just one full size and one quick stitch on the go at once.( although I am itching to start the other two full sized ones I have!). I should be able to get on much quicker with them that way. Well ( deep breath) today I have decided that my HAED chart buying obsession has come to an end . Don't get me wrong I love them and I wouldn't part with the charts I have but I have more than I can probably stitch in this lifetime, although I will have a damn good try, and I don't see the point in buying more that are just going to sit there. It's a waste of money and money I could be spending on something else! I fully intend to keep on stitching them but as for buying them it's the end of an era! LOL!

I finished putting the beads on Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV earlier this afternoon so here it is at last! I am just showing the inner frame rather than the whole as this bit fit in the scanner so it's a slightly clearer piccie. I'm hoping the next part will have something different in it rather than a frame or something. Just as long as there are no nutcracker soldiers or anything like that! LOL!

I am all set for the SAL I'm joining in with on LHN The Chocolate Shoppe. I have my fabric ready ( and I didn't need to buy any) so I just need to sort the threads. I even have a frame that should work for it when it's finished. I think the SAL starts on Wednesday ( Am I right Claire?) so I shall stitch on it probably just on Wednesday afternoons.

I am getting a little jittery on the stash wagon but am still hoping I can make it until 1st April. I think I got a bit of a shock when I realised how far away 1st April was when I did my ticker. January seems to have been a long hard month somehow with not much nice post and nothing to look forward to stash wise. The longest I have lasted in recent times has been 6 weeks so I need to go longer than that! LOL! Help me out please!!!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

voted LOL.
You are brave being on the stash wagon I would have to buy just because I knew I shouldnt!!I am pretty good most of the time I do go months without buying as long as I keep away from blogs, ebay,sewandso and all the others lol

Julie said...

been and voted in your poll Sally, i voted for the Peachy as i really enjoyed stitching it and i know you will too LOL

the Chatelaine is beautiful, very impressive

February will be a shorter month, only 28 days this time !!!!

**go Sally** thats to keep you on the wagon ROFLOL

Stitchspice said...

Hi Sally,
Been and voted.
You are doing well on the wagon.
Use up and finish all you have got then you can go mad buying more stash!!

Paula said...

Hi Sally hope you're doing well today.
I voted for the sanman as they are quick to stitch and it will be another quick finish for you and also cos I don't know what the others are like lol
It's hard to choose the next start isn't it? lol
You're doing great on the stash wagon...keep strong...and April 1st will be here before you know it .

Kathy said...

That is lovely. Have voted.

Hugs xxxxxx

Claire said...

I have voted.

Thats right about the Chocolate Shoppe SAL - starts this Wednesday and is every Wednesday thereafter.

The Chatelaine looks wonderful - wish I have the confidence and push to do something like that. But always seem to chicken out.


Jacqui said...

I voted for the Just Nan, but was torn between that and the biscournu.

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

It was a toss up between the first two items listed on your poll. The one I eventually voted for was the Biscornu.

Good luck with the stash wagon. As an incentive, perhaps you should try and imagine all your contacts holding up placards & screaming, "Go Sally, you know you can do it!" (like when people run marathons).

I hope that you are keeping well. Weather here's been really foggy and frosty... and absolutely freezing!

Rebecca x

Lizzy said...

Hi Sally, darlin'... I've voted... for the dragon no less! lol

Your Chatelaine is coming along beautifully... :-)

I'm cheering you on the Stash Wagon... I think! ;-) I just could not go that long without buying a wee bit of stash! lol

I don't have any HAED's yet... but I love so many of them... I thought I'd start with a wee one whenever I get around to it... I love the Dragon HAED you are stitching for your DD.

tootles for now...

Nicola said...

Looking foward to the Chocolate Shoppe SAL as well Sally. Just need to sort out threads and fabric. I'm also going to be stitching in the afternoon.