Monday, 20 November 2006

Work Experience!

Today was my eldest daughter Jessica's first day of work experience. She's at the county council in the public protection department. Poor kid was so nervous this morning! Her grandad took her through and she couldn't find the entrance to begin with and ended up having to ask someone where it was! Anyway she has had a fantastic day and was full of it when she came in. That's Jess on the right all ready for her first day! I was worried all day in case she didn't like it or anything and was so relieved when I found out it had gone OK.

Stitching wise I haven't done much. Saturday evening I did do a bit on HAED Summer ACEO but last night I didn't do any as I had a headache. I am hoping to have another go tonight and get a bit done before the end of the SAL. I am intent on keeping on with her until the start of the Thanksgiving SAL over on the HAED ezboard.

I realised this afternoon that the Monsterbubbles Feliz Navidad ornament has a cactus on it decorated for Christmas! So I'm going to leave that out and find a chart for a Christmas Tree that'll fit in! I must be so dumb not to have realise beforeLOL!

This afternoon I went through my stash and made a list of things I want to stitch in 2007. I hadn't really thought about it until Lisa asked me last week! Anyway I now have a list of 17 things ( yeah right!) not including HAEDS or ornaments I might want to stitch! LOL! So watch this space and I'll put my list up and let's see how far I get! Still, if I get half of them I'll be happy!


Mary Ann said...

Jessica looks so excited in the picture. I'm glad to hear she had a good 1st day of work experience. You have 2 beautiful girls!

I'll be looking forward to seeing your list of stitching goals for 2007!

Heather said...

Ah doesn't Jess look smart.

Glad it all went well. My work experience was at the council offices and I ended up dealing with a number of death related things. I hated every minute of that week, plus of course I was sent to the call centre to deal with fallen trees etc seeing as it was October 1987 - yes the hurricane and Kent was the worst hit.