Friday, 24 November 2006


Yesterday was the start of the General SAL over on the HAED ezboard so I am joining in with Sara Butcher's Winter. It's my first full size HAED and I dread to think how long it will actually take me to stitch! It's 36 pages of chart- about 7 of them are not full pages- so even if I could finish a page a month ( highly unlikely!) it'll take me three years! Problem is I'm impatient and want to see good progress on it NOW!! Anyway here is my start picture! I will add an update on Monday after the SAL has finished! I'm hoping to finish the 10 rows I'm working on now and make a good start on the next 10 rows, although I keep thinking I might change how I stitch on it!

Yesterday afternoon I stitched quite a bit of the border on Monsterbubbles Feliz Navidad. It's a hard going on the ole eyes as I'm stitching one over one on 28 count fabby but it's looking good so far. I think once the SAL is done I might have to start back up with my rotation on the smalls week and get this finished and some other small stuff. I still need to stitch an ornament for Jessica's group tutor but she needs to chose one for her.

Today is Jessica's last day of work experience. She has really enjoyed it, even though it's been a bit boring at times when she's had nothing to do! Yesterday she'd been on health and safety visits around some pubs! LOL! We're picking her up tonight and going on to KFC for tea as a belated treat for Abi's birthday.

Abi isn't at school today as it's the year 7 review day. This is new to me as they didn't do anything like this when Jessica was in year 7! We've got an appointment to see her group tutor at 3pm and she has to wear her uniform for a 10 minute appointment! Apparently we get to see a small report about how her teachers think she's doing. Should be rather interesting to see what they have to say about her! LOL! I finally heard from Abi's head of year yesterday afternoon after waiting in all day Wednesday and not hearing from her! As you can imagine I was not really impressed. As it was Abi had spoken to her group tutor on Wednesday and he'd moved her away from the boy and had a word with him. Anyway the head of year is going to get him moved in the other lessons she sits with him and we'll see what happens. I must admit that I felt that she thought I was making a mountain out of a mole hill but these things can escalate out of control and I want it nipping in the bud before that happens. Putting a stop to it now could save Abi a lot of heartache and it's as I said to the head of year she's had a good start at this school and I don't want that to change.

Oh yes I almost forgot! My sister rang me last night to tell she's broken her foot! She'd been leaving work, it was dark, and she'd been carefully going down the steps. Before she knew where she was she on the floor. She'd hobbled back in, knowing she wouldn't be able to drive home, and the first aider had had a look at it. Her partner had taken her to the hospital and she's broken it in an unusual place, according to the nurse! So she ended up in a heavy pot and had to go back today to have that one removed and a lighter one put on! It's the first time in her 55 years that she's broken anything! Bless her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, so pleased the Head of Year is going to get this lad moved. HEAD looks nice, WOW 36 pages !!!! rather you than me LOL. Poor sis, hope she is not in too much pain
Julie x

Nicola said...

A good start on your HAED Sally,I look forward to seeing more updates as it grows. I do hope that things improve for Abi at school, seems like the group tutor is keeping an eye on things.

Claire said...

Glad to hear that the Head finally phoned you and something is being sorted out.
Looking forward to seeing your progress on Winter on Monday....


Anonymous said...

Hello Sally,

I am relieved that Abi's school have taken action and dealt with that lad - he sounds like a nasty piece of work. Had a similar situation with Paul a few days ago.

Anyway, I hope that Abi's ok, and I will keep my fingers crossed that your sister's foot won't take too long to heal.

Bexy x

jane said...

Glad to hear you got things sorted out at school for Abi - I hope this puts an end to the problem.