Thursday, 16 November 2006



Today she is 12 years old! Wow it hardly seems like 5 minutes since she was a babe in arms. She and I did not have a very good start as I suffered from PND and didn't bond with her too well. Looking back on that I feel very sad but we have made up for it over the years and I love her to bits. She is my little princess ( and a moody one at that sometimes!).
Unfortunately the poor babe is not well for her birthday. She started with a stomach bug that is doing the rounds at school on Tuesday and is still feeling under the weather. GET WELL SOON ABI!
I was a little disappointed today as my Sassy's Fabby for an ornament arrived from Jayne's Attic but my Polstitches Dragon Shades Cloud for the mystery SAL didn't. It'll be with me within 7 days but I really wanted to start the SAL now! Oh well guess I'll be a bit behind on it! It's not as though I have absolutely nothing to stitch on right now or for the next week!
Thankfully my back is easier again today. I have been putting heat pads on it which seem to have helped a lot but I'm not venturing out and am being very careful!


Irene said...

Happy Birthday to your darling Abi !

jennie said...

happy birthday abigail!!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Abi!! I do hope you are feeling a little better for your big day!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Abi! Hope you had a wonderful day, or as good as it can be when you're not well. Sending lots of hugs your way, you'll have to have another birthday celebration when you're feeling better! lol
Lisa x

Linda said...

Happy Birthday and get well soon Abi! Love and hugs from Ryan and myself!

Sally, that's a beautiful photo of your 'baby'! Another heart-breaker in the family then!

Take care and don't overdo things with that back!

~Kim~ said...

Happy Birthday to Abi! Whatcha get for your birthday?! He He!

Dont you just hate when you expect something in the mail, and practically run to the mail box, to find bills!?! Amazing .. isnt it?!?! LOL Dont worry.. its coming!


stitchinfiend said...

Happy Birthday to Abi. She is just beautiful. Blad your back is a little better.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to Abi, I hope she had a wonderful day.

As you're now on blogger, I don't think I'll be doing MSN much now either, it's a pain in the neck and takes so long for the pages to display.