Tuesday, 21 November 2006

SAL Update!

Well the HAED restart/rediscover SAL was a bit of a disaster really! I didn't get anywhere hear as much done as I would have liked to due to being ill with the bug Abi had, then a headache on Sunday evening and last night I just couldn't be bothered! I do hope I'm not going into a HAED stitching slump or I'm in big trouble! I'm already putting off buying anymore ( although I do only have one more on my wish list at the moment) because at nearly 43 I can't see me getting all the ones I have stitched in my lifetime anyway! LOL! I think I might sit down in a bit and see if I can get some done! If I can keep on with it until the Thanksgiving SAL then move on I should ( finger's crossed but not while I'm stitching) get a good bit done. So here's what I have done. I think you can see some progress!

Anyway last night I just did a little bit on San Man Originals Dream a Little Dream. I am seriously going to have to sort out my rotation and get started on it again because I feel as though I never finish anything these days. With me wanting to get QS Blossom finished and then the SALS I've not had time for anything else really. Don't get me wrong I love the HAEDs but they can be so time consuming and rather addictive! LOL!

Jessica has ended up having to stay home today as she got out the door to go to work experience this morning and was sick on the drive! She was so disappointed at not being able to go in and is looking forward to getting back tomorrow. I am guessing that she has picked up the bug we've had but clearly not as bad as Abi had it as she's been OK since, although she felt queesy for most of the morning. Typical that it should be her work experience week and she had to ring her placement and the connections office at school. Gets her more used to communicating I guess!


syn said...

Hi Sally,

Just a small note to say that I am back and have blogged about my trip. This is just a general message sent to all of my friends.
Right now I have a lot of issues at home to sort out, personal finances and I am also beset by some heartache in missing Shumi and her also missing me.
After coming back I have also found out that I have been made redundant, work firm collapsed. This has put a strain as I am currently desperately trying to sort out Shumi's visa application.
You may have commented at my space, I have upwards of 60 comments that have gathered. Unfortunately I am not at my best at the moment and probably would not be able to do justice to all the well wishes or other kindnesses bestowed on my space.
I will be taking a break from spaces for a few more days till things settle down.
I'd like to thank you for your friendship and hope that my absence or non comment return is not seen as ignorance, Just I have a lot on.
Anyway take care and thanks.


Heather said...

Poor Jess. Hope she's feeling better today.

You've done a fair bit on your HAED as far as I can tell.