Saturday, 18 November 2006

She's Finished!

Wahooooo!!!! At last HAED Quick Stitch Blossom is finished!!! Can you tell I'm happy! She needs washing yet so that, hopefully, the lines of the pages will disappear.

HAED QS Blossom ( artwork Elaine Cox)
25 count Dragon Shades Stormy Skies using DMC & Madeira Glissen Gloss.
Started 17th February 2006
Finished 17th November 2006.

Last night I went back to HAED Summer ACEO ( Sara Butcher) for the restart/ rediscover SAL on the HAED ezboard. I managed to get a bit done but started with the bug Abi has had, as did DH, then Jess wasn't feeling too good at bedtime.

Today DH was feeling better and, as it's our grocery shopping day, he was going to have to do the shopping on his own! We also do my Dad's as he can't get out at the moment ( severe arthritis in his right knee) but he couldn't do ours and his so I was going to do his online. As it was he had a bit of a prang before he'd even got off our estate ( entirely his own fault) so came home instead! So I ended up doing ours and my Dad's online! I have really decided that I HATE the car we have. I pranged it on the gate post about a month after we'd got it, then last year somebody cut across DH on a roundabout and a few weeks later some hotheaded idiot ran us off the road by pulling out to pass a car when we were already passing him! Oh well things can only get better can't they?!


Barb said...

Very pretty finish! Looks like it was a lot of work but worth it. Congrats on the finish!

Mary Ann said...

Sally, she is beautiful!!! Congratulations on a wonderful finish!

Anonymous said...

she's lovely Sally, enjoy your HD. Hope you and Jess feel better soon. Oopps! about the car, maybe time for a change ??
Love and {hugs} but you can keep the germs LOL - Julie xx

Claire said...

Congratulations Sally on your HD!

I know you are so pleased and relieved to have got this piece finished.


Heather said...

Hope your DH is much better now Sally.

Your HAED looks fantastic, is it for Jessica for Christmas?