Friday, 17 November 2006

SAL Time

Today is the start of the Restart/Rediscover SAL over on the HAED Ezboard. As I have nothing to restart I am on a mission to rediscover Quick Stitch Summer ACEO! I haven't stitched on her for at least 2 months so thought it would be ideal to join in the SAL and make a bit of progress on her. This is one page complete and a bit of a start on page two! I do hope I can get quite a bit done over the next four evenings.

Not quite sure whether to have a go at Summer this afternoon or try and finish Blossom. I am so close, but felt so tired last night I couldn't quite get her done. I knew DH had an early start this morning and I always wake up when he gets up ( this morning it was 5.15am but he'll be home by about 1pm) so took off to bed. I guess if I manage to get the last few stitches in this afternoon I can have a gentle happy dance ( nothing strenuous with my back! LOL!).

I really must get to my rotation once Blossom is done. I haven't used it for a while now as I wanted to get her finished and it'll be good to get back to it and make some progress on the other WIPs I have. In the New Year I might have to have a rethink about getting more smaller projects into it as the HAEDs are taking up a lot of time. The problem is I love stitching them and have way too many more to start on but I can't start anymore or I'm in danger of becoming a serial starter and would never finish anything! The dilemmas of stitching! Who would have guessed something so simple would cause so much grief! LOL!

I was thinking of maybe signing up for a Chatelaine mystery next year but am unsure as to what to do. I also want to buy the last two Enchanted Gardens charts ( formerly mysteries) to go with Winter's Eve, which I have stitched, Summer Afternoon, which I'm going to start when Just Nan Barnabee's Quest is finished. I would also love Evening in the Park when it is released but am a bit put off by it's size, plus there's been a post on the Chatelaine ezboard about one of the Delica beads used on it. Oh well I will have to see what the New Year brings I think before I make my mind up. I am very tempted, though, by the next Christmas Mystery.

Come January I am also going to sign back up for a Silkweaver Fabric of the Month Club. I was in one for while and really loved the fabrics I received ( I chose opalescents). I was never disappointed and have used every piece so need to start again! LOL!

Before I close I just wanted to say thank you to Irene, Jennie, Mary Ann, Lisa, Linda and Ryan, Kim, Annette and Heather for posting birthday wishes for Abi! She has read them all and says a very big thank you to all of you and sends hugs too.


Claire said...

Hope your back is better soon Sally. Good luck with Summer for the SAL.


Heather said...

Your Summer ACEO is looking good Sally. I am so missing being able to get onto the board, but there's no point when you only get an hour at the library.