Sunday, 26 November 2006

Christmas Shopping!

I have just been Christmas shopping and bought my present from my Dad and something for me from DH's auntie! LOL! Well my Dad has given us money to buy stuff with and DH's auntie has told us to get something too. It's a shame in a way as we don't get as many surprises ( I am like a child and love not knowing what I'm getting!). Anyway I've just ordered the full kit and chart of Chatelaine Spring Morning for my Dad to wrap up for me. I'll still have a bit of money left so will leave it up to DH to find something for me with what is left! I ordered The Ultimate Book of Finishing for DH's auntie to buy me. It has been recommended by several stitching friends and I am always looking out for different ways to finish off my stitching. Besides that DH and I have just been shopping on Grand Prix Legends and bought his Dad and his brother a top each and a top from my Dad for DH and a top from DH's auntie for me! I am now just about done with presents for everybody else except for the girls and DH. I have done quite a bit online this year.

It'll be all go this next week as DH and I are going Christmas shopping! DH usually takes the last week off in November and we try and get all our Christmas shopping done then. The girls have been writing their lists as we shop for them for my Dad and DH's Dad too. It makes Christmas shopping a bit of a nightmare but I think this year it might be a bit easier ( finger's crossed!). I am hoping we can have it all done and wrapped by the end of the week as well as some non-perishable food shopping done too! We will be exhausted by the end of the week! LOL!

I have been merrily stitching on HAED Winter since Thursday evening. I didn't get quite as a much done last night as I had planned as I had a bit of a headache (still have today but this bangle with the magnets in I have seems to keep them at bay a bit) plus DH had taped the Stargate SG1 special with interviews with the cast and I knew I couldn't stitch and watch that at the same time! I should get the next 10 rows finished tonight though so I'll be happy with that. I'm going to carry on with it after the General SAL is done until Quick Stitch Wednesday on the HAED board and then I'll stitch on QS Dragonette.

Abi's review day was a bit of a waste of time really! We weren't there long but in a way I guess that is a good thing. Her group tutor was full of praise and her subject teachers were pleased with her start and progress. He mentioned the boy she'd had problems with and said he'd spoken to him and he seemed to understand. Finger's crossed that'll be the end of it now. He made me beam with pride when he said I had two very pleasant daughters ( he is Jessica's Italian teacher)!

Jessica's last day at work experience had gone well. She'd been out and about all over and has now decided that she might like to go into health and safety when she finishes her studies. Her supervisor had written a nice report in her booklet and said he hoped she'd join the profession which I thought was really nice. I said she should've asked what qualifications she needed so she had an idea! She will be able to find out somewhere I am sure.

Well guess that's all for today! If I disappear for a while it'll be because I'm too tired from Christmas shopping! LOL!


~Kim~ said...

Best of luck finishing your shopping! Hope you find lots of time to stitch! :)


Mary Ann said...

Sally, you chose some very nice presents for yourself. I kind of like the idea of doing that.

Good luck on the rest of your Christmas shopping this week and be sure to leave some time for stitching!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, sounds like a busy week you have planned. Nice to have a 'proud mum moment' at the school from the tutor. Enjoy your week with DH
Julie x