Wednesday, 15 November 2006


Yesterday was a bit of a disaster for me as I did my back in. I barely knew where to put myself and the most comfortable chair I could sit in was the computer chair! DH modified it a while back using an old car seat ( he bought some Ricarro seats for his mini when we were going out together and they've been up in his auntie's loft since we no longer needed them) and it is comfortable. I must have looked a right sorry sight when I ventured out to go to the shop around the corner! I reached the footpath outside our house and ended up going back inside as I was in so much discomfort. We needed some milk so I knew I was going to have to grit my teeth and just go! Took me a while but I got there and back with no mishaps. Last night I was determined I was going to stitch no matter what so I got myself as comfortable as I could on the sofa and managed about an hours stitching before I gave up. Went to bed and thought I was going to have to come back down and prop myself up to sleep. I finally got comfortable in bed and just daren't move! Thankfully it is easier today but I daren't go too far.
If I can get a good night stitching tonight I might just get HAED QS Blossom finished. I got page 5 finished last night and gridded page 6 then made a start. She will be my third HAED finish so I'm really pleased.
I looked in my fabby box today to find something suitable for the SAL I'm taking part in and I haven't got anything! So typical! I think I need to ring Jayne at Jayne's Attic and order some! I was hoping to make a start this afternoon but looks like it'll be tomorrow now!


Susimac said...

Hope your back is better soon, I hate it when my back goes so I know how you are feeling, have you had physio on it?, When you are sitting in your chair wrap some frozen paes in a teatowel and place it where the pain is, I find this works better than heat.

Eth said...

Hi sally,
Good to see you're not disappearing altogether, hope your back feels better soon...
hugs you
Eth :) xxx

Mary Ann said...

Oh, I hope your back is feeling better soon, Sally! And, I am looking forward to seeing the finished pic of QS Blossom!!

Also DD, is doing better, Thank you for asking. There are good days and bad days for both of us, and realizing this is forever(unless there is a cure) is hard sometimes. But most of the time she keeps a good attitude, and I'm very proud of her for that.

stitchinfiend said...

Sally sorry to hear you are in pain with your back. Would you like to take my massage time tomorrow - if only they had time travel to Oz......LOL. Hugs