Wednesday, 29 November 2006

I am Surviving!

I am surviving the Christmas shopping and ( shush I'm saying this quietly!) I think we are just about done! YAY! Just waiting for the stuff to arrive that we've ordered online and that'll be it. I can't believe it as last year we were still shopping on the Friday! We're going to do some wrapping tomorrow and that get out of the way, then we just have to get my sister's partner some garden centre vouchers so he can go buy some fish for his new pond. I am so relieved to have got finished as I hate it when it takes all week and we end up flying about like idiots before DH goes back to work!

I've done a little bit of stitching but not much. I have been quite tired by the time I've sat down after tea so just been stitching on Little House Needleworks The Counting House and have made quite a bit of progress. Problem is I ran out of one of the threads so when I pick up Blossom from the framers ( maybe tomorrow) I'll have to remember to get some. Tonight I'm going to stitch on HAED Quick Stitch Dragonette as it's a while since I picked it up. No more new HAED starts until I finish either Dragonette or Summer! LOL! ( Lisa help me out on this and don't let me start another HAED!!!).

I think I'm going to have to rethink my Goals for 2007 list as I definitely want to do the Chatelaine Christmas Mystery which starts 25th December. I have decided to use DMCs and just buy the Delica beads and Rainbow Gallery Petite Braids and that way it'll be much cheaper and they look just as nice. I haven't signed up for it yet as I just want to get all the Christmas pressies out of the way first.

I received a surprise through the post today. It came from Jayne's Attic and I could not for the life of me think of what it could be. I knew I'd ordered a Christmas Attic Stash pack but knew it wasn't that! When I opened it there was lovely little silver gift bag inside with a Carrie's Creation thread and an Ozark thread inside it. The card read "Just a little gift to say thank you for being a a special friend. Merry Xtmas Love and hugs Lisa" I was very touched by my gift so thank you Lisa. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}


Claire said...

Wish my shopping was done!

So you also received a lovely little package via Jaynes Attic from Lisa.... ;O)


Heather said...

Come do my shopping Sally!

Sounds like a lovely little parcel from Lisa. Lucky thing.

~Kim~ said...

You want my address.. to send my present?!? Kidding :)

Arent stitching friends the greatest?!

Cant wait to see your progress of you LHN The Counting House!


Mary Ann said...

Congratulations, Sally, on the near completion of your Christmas shopping! And how sweet of Lisa to send you a little surprise package!!