Wednesday, 22 November 2006

2007 Goals & Other Stuff

I have just added my 2007 goals list here on my blog! I took a few things off it to make it a little bit more realistic but I'm still not sure it's realistic enough! LOL! As you can see it doesn't include any HAEDs or ornaments I might want to stitch but I am playing it by ear with those for now.
This afternoon I am intent on stitching all afternoon! My fabby for the SAL arrived today but it's not the one I ordered originally. I emailed Jayne yesterday and she was hoping for it to be in, then she rang me to see if we could sort out a different fabby instead. She even took the DMC used in the chart off the stand and put it on the fabrics to see what it looked like so I am now going to use Dragon Shades Friendship! I have the afternoon all to myself as Abi is going to her friend's house straight from school, Jess is on work experience and doesn't finish until 5pm and, depending on what time DH finishes work, he is hanging around to pick her up! So I am going to stitch, stitch, stitch ( if I could get off this PC!).
I'm waiting for Abi's head of year from school to ring me. I rang her yesterday after school but she already gone so the receptionist left a message for her to ring me. I haven't left the house all day and she hasn't rang me yet so, finger's crossed, she's ring straight after school. Abi has been having problems with this boy and it's just unfortunate that she has to sit next him in nearly every lesson. Yesterday she had taken her blazer off in Tutorial and when she put it back on somebody had put chewing gum up the inside of one of sleeves. She had gone without her blazer for the rest of the day and was freezing when she got home. It took me ages to get the bulk of it off and then I had to wash her blazer and hope I got it dry for today. This boy has threatened to flick chewing gum at her and messes about with it so we think it's him but can't prove it. He tells her constantly that she's ugly, says he's going to make her life hell and miserable, makes noises while she's trying to work and flicks her pen, yet in front of the teachers he's all sweetness and light. Anyway I told Abi to see if she could speak to her group tutor today and tell him all about it and that it's making her unhappy. She wasn't crying when she came in but she was really wound up and has had enough. Why do kids have to be like this?


Mary Ann said...

Oh, nice 2007 stitching goals list, Sally! I am looking forward to seeing all of your sitching in the new year!!

I do hope Abi's situation at school is settled soon. It sounds as though she has every right to be really upset. I always wonder why some kids are so cruel to their schoolmates.

Claire said...

Sounds a good idea making a list for 2007. May join you in that one.

Hope you soon hear from the head for Abi.


Diana said...

That's bullying, plain and simple, and something should be done about it. I thought they were supposed to be doing something about bullying in school??

Hope you manage to get it sorted. A situation like that isn't going to be helping her grades much.

I know what you mean about being able to stitch ONLY IF YOU CAN GET OFF THE PC!! LOL! Some days it's harder than others...

Heather said...

Ah boys and chewing gum. I had that at primary school. They didn't just put chewing gum in my coat though, they spat at it so much that the teacher dealing with it phoned my Mum to come to the school and after Mum had seen it, the coat had to be thrown away.

As for getting chewing gum off, put the item in the freezer - yes you read correctly - for an hour and then it will come off without any mess.

Your goal list looks good to me Sally. I never did get half of my 2006 one done, so I think I'm going to just carry on with that and then maybe add a few more as we go along. Plus I'm doing the 25 finishes, before I purchase anything else and I want to finish off a few of the half started things.