Friday, 1 June 2007

Spring in the Air

I don't seem to have got much done on my new start this week. I started Just Nan Spring in the Air on Monday evening and, granted I didn't stitch on Tuesday evening, I have only got the first band done! Having said that I have had four pansies to stitch one over one so they have taken up a lot of time. I might get more done now those are complete! So here's my WIP pic so far this week. I love the look of these tiny pansies.

I received my Ebay win yesterday as well as the Cat's Whisker's Heartstrings chart which I bought with my credit from Jayne's Attic I'm going to make a couple of the little bags for Christmas presents for DH's aunties. So I am now seriously thinking of stitching from my (chart) stash until December. The reason in saying December is because it's Christmas and also my birthday so I think I'll deserve a bit of a treat by then. Anybody care to join me and help me along? I will still buy fabric and threads but only if I need them for anything I stitch in between times but I do have quite a bit of fabric on hand and I shall still have my Sassy's Fabbys COTM each month if I carry on with it for the rest of the year. I do have a couple of charts on order, one of which is on it's way from DSL You may wonder why I have suddenly decided on this! Well I bought myself a notebook and wrote all my charts in it and supplies I needed for them plus left spaces where I could write start and finish dates so I had a record and realised I had 30 charts and that's without counting the HAEDs I have! I know it's probably peanuts to what some of you have but it's a lot for me really and I can easily stitch from those for the next five months and not make that big a dent in them! Lol!

We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End on Tuesday! Wow what a fantastic film! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD and we can see it again! I have loved all three films and can't understand why the critics say this film isn't as good. Johnny Depp is as always gorgeous and I just love Geoffrey Rush as Barbosa! If you go see it there is a bit worth seeing at the end of the credits.

Other than that we have had a quiet half term. DH has been decorating the bathroom and it now looks bright and clean. Jess has been revising Maths and Biology and Abi has had some Maths revision to do. I can understand Jess having it to do when she has GCSEs but Abi is only in year 7! I do think that school holidays should be just that with no homework etc but it seems some teachers have different ideas!

Hope everyone has a had a good week. I'll be back Monday probably with my another Spring in the Air WIP!


KarenV said...

I think you've done wonderfully well to stitch that much over one - it would have taken me much longer. Very pretty start :)

Good luck with your "no charts" challenge - I tried this last year (and part of this year) and managed quite well, but after a bit, too many new things started calling to me. I think 5 months is a manageable target though.

JOT said...

I love your pansies! Great progress.

Good luck with your challenge. It is the HAED sales that do me in. :)

Michele said...

Sally, I love those pansies! nice over one :)

and yes we stayed for the after credits little ending .. I wanted more! lol

Itching To Stitch said...

I love your Just Nan start ;)

Nicola said...

You've made a great start on Spring in the Air Sally, those pansies are so pretty. I love Just Nan charts, and in fact have started on Porcelaine Nosegay today by way of a small change from Floralie.

I've been seriously trying to stitch from stash only for a while now although there were a couple of charts I just had to have. (LOL)Apart from one that I know I'm going to buy to stitch as a present for someone, and also apart from threads that I might need for any charts that I already have, I don't intend buying any more, so I'll happy keep you company in this challenge.

Michelle said...

Your pansies are so sweet - great start! Good luck with your challenge, you can do it!

Gill said...

I'll keep you company as I'm stitching from stash too at the moment (apart from some stuff I'm getting for my birthday). I've got around 150 or so charts & kits, most of them big projects -eek! haha! I could probably stitch for the rest of my life without buying any more!

Claire said...

Joining you with the no charts challenge Sally. I was thinking the other day after placing another order with EHandCrafts that I ought to actually stitch some of what I buy - so that suits me down to the ground - just buy threads and fabbie for the charts I have.

Love your pansies - they are so pretty - love the colours.


Mary Ann said...

The Spring in the Air pansies are lovely, Sally!! And, wow! Great progress for stitching over 1.

Kajsa said...

You are doing so good on Spring is in the air! I pulled that chart out last year but put it back when I saw the over one pansies!

I should join you in the challenge, I have been buying way to much lately. And I have another big order coming. So naughty!

stitcherw said...

I love the pansies, they are my favorite flower and yours are looking so pretty. I don't think I know this JN pattern, so I'll have to go take a peek at it.

We saw Pirates too and really enjoyed it. I have the first two on DVD as well, so will be getting this as soon as it comes out. However, we didn't stay through the credits, so now you have me wondering what we missed.

Paula said...

TUT TUT Sally all those charts....loads more than me!!!!! lol
Your WIP is gorgeous so far, well done. Looking forward to seeing some more soon.
I'm really looking forward to seeing my Johnny is Pirates I loved the first 2.
Huggles and Happy stitching....

Stitchingranny said...

I too am trying to be good especially where charts are concerned - I have even more than you Sally and I am determined I am not going to be buying more - I shall put them on my wish list and hope the family takes note when its my birthday lol.

Having said that I have bought one chart this week. Lekker had a 25% discount on up till the end of May so I thought I would use the opportunity to expand my DD silk collection and whilst there I added a little quaker design. My excuse is that I have absolutely nothing like it in my stash.

Heather said...

Lovely start Sally. I haven't seen Pirates 2 yet, Dad brought it up to watch in the week, but we didn't get time.

But I know what happened because Mackenzie Crook has told me!! I know him from primary school days and his Mum and mine are best friends.

Julie said...

JN looks gorgeous Sally

my DD went to see POTC on Tuesday, she loved it too

Good Luck Jess with the rest of the exams

Edda said...

I just love the pansies, they look beautiful Sally. Good luck with the challenge.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.

All the best,

Anita said...

I love the pansy that you stitched so far in the JN piece, it is going to be a great finish.

Carol said...

Oh, that is pretty!

Mad Dixie said...

Lovely pansies, we went to see Pirates as well and I didn't know about the piece at the end until one of the girls at work mentioned it the next day I was very dissappointed but loved the film, especially the monkey he was so funny