Monday, 28 May 2007

Christmas Mystery Revisited

Yes it's that time again! Time for an update on Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV. Now I have to say that this month's piece did look quite OK-ish but once I started stitching it the greens just don't blend too well and if the beads are holly berries they are way out in colour as they are pink not red as holly berries should be. I feel quite bad as I seem to do nothing but complain since part 4 but it's just not how I imagined it would be. Anyway here's a couple of piccies to show you what it's like so far.

Close up of part 6

Whole Piece So Far

Piccies are not brilliant as they are dark but it gives you an idea of what it is like. Still waiting for that nutcracker ( not!)

I have to say that I am really pleased with the way HAED Summer ACEO has gone this time. I didn't get page four finished but I did make good progress and I think she's looking fantastic! Maybe next time she comes out I'll get page four done then it's two small bits for pages five and six. She does seem to have taken me ages but when I first started her she only came out on quick stitch Wednesdays on the HAED forum! So, without further ado, here she is!

Have any of you treated yourselves in the Memorial Day sales from USA ONS'? I know one of you has ( waving at ya Lisa!). I am ashamed to say that yes I have from DSL! I wasn't going to but have been looking at Fancy Work stuff , particularly at the charts for Whitman's Tins but I actually ended up ordering the chart for the Lavender Rose Sewing Case along with some Kelmscott Mother of Pearl Thread Rings to sew into it. I decided it was time to get more creative with my cross stitch. I look at blogs and see all these gorgeous finishes and wish I was much better at sewing plus had somewhere close at hand to buy supplies. So time to try! Lol!

We are going to see Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End tomorrow. I booked tickets on Sunday just incase it was really busy at the cinema. We're all looking forward to it as we've loved the other two films and can't wait to see more Johnny Depp ( yummy!)

Right that's it for me for tonight. Hope everyone had a good bank holiday in the UK, inspite of the weather, and a good Memorial Day in the USA.


Julie said...

Summer looks wonderful, wish it was summer here LOL

Still not sure about the Chatelaine though, the holly does look nice

Nice purchase from DSL, so when will you be starting that then !!!

Enjoy Johnny Depp

Karen said...

The Chatelaine still isn't doing it for me , I would have had to give up ages ago on it, your HAED is looking great

stitcherw said...

Nice progress on the HAED, it is looking lovely. Sorry you aren't enjoying the Chatelaine more, it is difficult to keep working on something that just doesn't appeal to you.

Have fun watching Pirates, my daugher and I saw it Friday night and enjoyed it.

Itching To Stitch said...

Love the Chatelaine (I only seem to complain about mine too) and your HAED is stunning ;)

Claire said...

See what you mean about Chatelaine piece - the holly looks like raspberries to me. I dont think i would be too chuffed if it all didnt look quite right.

Loving Summer - cant wait to see it finished and framed!

Another person to treat themselves in Memorial sales - I bought a HAED chart and also some charts from Mary Kathryn who had reduced P&P. But trying to be good and actually stitch what i have bought!! hehehe


Carol said...

Oh dear Sally, sounds like you'll be glad to see the back of your Chatelaine - it is a shame you're not enjoying it! Summer is coming along brilliantly though!

I think I've had enough treats recently and although I was tempted I've been very good and have stayed well clear of the Memorial Day sales! I love the Lavender Rose Sewing Case - have had my eye on this one too! :o)

Paula said...

Hi Sally, I think your Chatalaine looks lovely......and I hope you start enjoying it again.
Summer is looking great, well done with it.
Ooohhh I've ordered some Crescent Colour Threads and also a Passione Riacamo chart "My Lady of the Snow" from JJ's. I really like that chart!! That's it no more buying stash except for my COTM from
Huggles and Happy Stitching....

Kajsa said...

Your 2 wip's look lovely! I'm so impressed that you have gotten so much done on the HAED.

June said...

Both WIP's look great but the Chatelaine is my fav. That's going to be so gorgeous when finished!!

Yep, I know what you mean about the Memorial Day sales... I ordered two batches of goodies so I'm a happy camper. :)

Svenja said...

I admire your persistence to keep on stitching on the Christmas Mystery even though you don't like it! It's definitely not my favourite Chatelaine either but who knows maybe when it's finished you will like it after all. :)

The HAED looks great!

And I couldn't resist the DSL sale either. :)

The needle & I said...

Hi! Sally! Both WIPs are looking good. I know how you feel when you dont feel for a design, it's hard to keep going, but keep on chugging along. I am sure it will all come together. I am jealous of everyone buying stash on the holiday weekend sales. I was not by a computer all weekend, so that helped me not to be tempted. But I did visit a stitchy shop that was closing and EVERYTHING was 60% off. How could I pass that up. Hope you enjoyed your movie. Ranae

Michele said...

I have to admit Sally, I wouldn't be stitching on the Christmas piece anymore if I were you .. I'm impressed you can keep at it!!

Summer is lovely!!!

We went to see Pirates last night .. loved it! My favorite line .. Nobody move, I dropped my brain! lol

and yes I was bad and bought some stash at DSL too! lol

Mary Ann said...

Both are looking great, Sally! I hope you end up liking the Christmas one since it will be a lot of work.

Nice stash purchases!! :)

Michelle said...

Summer is looking beautiful! I am so sorry that your Chatelaine is turning out to be a disappointment.

Lavender Rose said...

Sally, you are charming and so is your needlework! The Chatelaine always comes out with something daring and spectacular in the end, so hold out for what's coming! Don't give up! I think your stitching is wonderful. Your HAED is looking fab, too. Sending hugs for all your comments and visits to me! Deb

Heather said...

I still like your Chatelaine Sally.

No I've been good, no spending.