Thursday, 17 May 2007

More Stash!

Yep my final piece of stash has arrived today! My Blackbird Designs Quaker Garden chart arrived from Wyndham Needleworks. I must say, for all I haven't had any emails saying my order had been shipped or anything ( but I do truly believe that Lydia has emailed but they are lost in cyber space somewhere) I am very impressed. I was only charged actual shipping which I really like! One thing I hate is being charged a certain amount only to find when the package arrives that it only cost half that to send! I do appreciate that there is packaging to take into consideration. So my stash shopping is now complete! Lol!

Well I must say I am quite ashamed of myself! Lol! Karen will laugh like mad at what I have to say! On Tuesday I asked Jess if I could have a go on her DS at Animal Crossing. I just got started when the battery went flat! So last night I asked her again and ended up doing no stitching what so ever as I was too busy on Animal Crossing and then she'd asked me to feed her dogs but couldn't resist walking them, washing them, taking them for a walk and putting one of them in a show! I am so doomed! SO guess what Abi and I are going to do this afternoon? Yep play on Animal Crossing! Well if I do it this afternoon I might just stitch tonight! Lol! Karen you are right it is rather addictive!

Jess will have got her RE exam over with now. I had to laugh at her this morning as she said she knew everything she needed to know except for what was written on the post-it notes on the wall outside the bathroom! She said nobody stays in the barthroom long enough for me to stand and read them! Lol! Anyway she fetched those down and read them while she was eating her breakfast. Tomorrow it's Citizenship.

Oh and I've been tagged by Nancy but as I already did this yesterday and can't think of more I'm not going to take part:) Sorry Nancy:)


Stitchingranny said...

lol Sally, all that about animal crossing was double dutch to me. Maybe a good job the computer keeps me away from my stitching too much as it is.

No more playing now or your HAEDs will never grow.

Karen said...

LOL Sally you are the second person who blames me for AC being addictive. Find the friends code and let me have it next time we chat. It doesnt hurt to have a day off stitching just dont over do it ;O)
Glad your fabric arrived ,

Julie said...

so glad you stash finally arrived

i'm useless at these games, can't coordinate my hands to do it, spyro always lands flat on his face, so gave up !!!!

Lizzy said...

So glad your BB chart arrived safe and sound, Sweetie! Now, when are you going to start it? ;-)

I am useless at video games... my kids laugh at me as I just can't seem to get the hang of them! lol

Best of luck to Jess on her Exams! I'll be keeping everything crossed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, fine ... ignore my tag 'cause you'd already done one! *lol*

Hope Jess does wonderfully on her exams!

stitcherw said...

I'm glad you got the last of your stashing, they are all lovely. I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures as you work on them. Hope Jess does great on the last of her exams.

Anita said...

I bet you are in stash heaven. Lot of stash for you for sure, but they all are great selection.

Heather said...

OK call me thick, but what is Citizenship all about?

Good luck to Jess with the rest of her exams.

don't worry, be happy said...

"One thing I hate is being charged a certain amount only to find when the package arrives that it only cost half that to send! I do appreciate that there is packaging to take into consideration."

You must try to be more 'half full' than 'half empty'! :)

No-one ever complains when they get a big package and the postage charge did not cover the costs - or do you send in the extra???