Thursday, 10 May 2007

New Stash!

I thought seen as I have no stitching updates as yet I would post pics of my new stash so far! Lol! First off here's the latest COTM from Sassy's Fabbys which I received on Tuesday. It's called French Yellow and I have decided that I will stitch Just Nan Spring in the Air on it as it is a big enough piece. I think a Spring piece will look gorgeous on this, although the scan really does not do it justice.

Today has been a good post day. Postie knocked this morning, all bright and cheerful ( he is normally rather grumpy!) and he'd brought my kit for Chatelaine Autumn Dusk from European Cross Stitch as well as Just Nan Queen of the Needle with embellishments from Lekker Threads. Brilliant service from both places as I only ordered the Just Nan on Monday ( which was a bank holiday here in the UK) and the kit was ordered last Friday. So here's the kit. Again the scan does not do it it justice at all. The colours of the threads, beads and crystals are just stunning. I did not buy the NPI silks with this as I thought I'd save myself some pennies and use DMC but I did get the variegated silks. This one will get started sometime in the future when I've stitched Summer Afternoon and Spring Morning and they will all be hung above my bed along with Winter's Eve. Lastly here's the Just Nan which is so pretty and I want to start it NOW! Lol! It will have to wait a while though.

I was so sad to see on the HAED board that they will be retiring Caron Vinson designs very soon. I love her art and would have liked to get a few more of her charts before they are retired but I will have to see. I have two of her designs, QS Girly Gothic and QS Moonlight, in my stash and Girly Gothic will be my next new HAED start once I've finished the two QS I'm already stitching.

I did a really stupid thing last week. I decided that before I started on HAED Winter in my rotation I needed to get the next pages of chart photocopied and enlarged so that is what I did, or at least I thought I did! When I sat down to stitch on Monday evening I realised that we ( me and the lady in the shop) had selected A3 paper but not set the copier to enlarge! Duh! So I decided to see how I went on with it at normal size but last night I realised I was really struggling especially where there are lots of different symbols. So I set off for the library this morning, chart in hand, to do it there. If it's normal copying there you do it yourself but if it's enlarging they do it for you. Well it's a very new machine in there and it took the lady three attempts before she got it right! Lol! Anyway I now have the next three pages of chart enlarged so I don't think I'll struggle as much now:)

Jessica has had her first GCSE today. She'd had her Italian speaking exam so I'm hoping she did OK. They only decided back in November that they could take a GCSE if they wanted to so they've had to cram a lot in since then. I had to laugh as they'd had a speaker the other week talking about different ways they could revise for their exams and Jess is using post-it notes with key bits written on them! Lol! So we've had them stuck on the bathroom mirror, above the toilet roll holder, on the mirror in the dining room, on the fridge door and on Jess's bedroom wall near her bed! Lol! When she starts the rest of her GCSEs on 17th May we will disappearing under post-it notes! Still if it helps her I don't care! I'm just keeping my finger's crossed that she does well, as I'm sure she will. She is quietly confident:)

Thank you to all who drop by and read my blog and also comment. They mean so much to me and it's lovely to know that people read it. Just want to say to those of you who have apologised for not liking Christmas Mystery IV that there is no need to apologise as it wouldn't do for us all to have the same tastes plus I am not that keen on it anyway LOL! I am blessed to have so many readers and I treasure every one of you.


BeckySC said...

Enjoy your new stash :)

Hazel said...

What a lot of stash! Hope your dd does well in her first exam. They come round quickly don't they? have a good week. xx

Michelle said...

Enjoy your new stash - you've got some lovely things there!

Karen said...

the sassys fabric is lovely, LOL I wondered how long it would be beofre you got the JN charts its a very pretty design.
Did you learn any Italian words with all the post it notes dotted around

Julie said...

Great stash Sally

Wishing Jess the best of luck in her GCSE's, i'm sure she'll pass them all with flying colours


Stitchingranny said...

and are you learning Italian from the post it notes too Sally lol.

Love it when the postie delivers stash, keeps me smiling all day.

As for comments love visiting your blog, you have some lovely stitching on the go - (even if I dont like Christmas lol).


jane said...

Great stash haul Sally, enjoy!

Lizzy said...

Oh, what lovely stash, Sally!!! I think that French Yellow will be just gorgeous for the JN! :-)

Wishing Jessica all the best with her Exams... and I hope you don't start dreaming in Italian! lol

Thanks for all the lovely thoughts and wishes, Sweetie! You are such an Angel and your friendship means so much to me! :-)


Mary Ann said...

Oh, Sally! That's some lovely stash you received! And, your Simple Little Quaker is looking beautiful!!

I'm sending lots of good luck vibes to your DD for her exams--I'm sure she will do great!


Jacqui said...

I love getting new stash in the post but it doesn't happen very often as I tend to buy most of it in person at Jayne's Attic. It's really handy that she is only a 15 min drive away.

Itching To Stitch said...

Hi Sally, thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love new people stopping by and hope I can get them interested enough to come back, lol. Your stitching is beautiful, I'm not familiar with Chatelaine's Autumn Dusk, I'll have to look that one up. Sounds like you're quite the HAED addict, I love them too. I'll be back to visit ;)

The needle & I said...

Enjoy your wonderful new stitchy stash!

Mylene said...

Such great stash, Sally. Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Kajsa said...

That is some lovely new stash! Didn't you get The Sanctuary recently too?

I have put away mine until GBS is done, I can only handly one DT at a time.

Susan said...

Wow- what great stash!

Did you hear that Carol Vinson will not be retired? Sounds like they worked something out. Glad to hear that, because I have too much stash as it is, need more like I needed a hole in my head!

stitcherw said...

Wonderful stash, the yellow fabric is lovely and will look fantastic with a spring project.

I'm glad that the Carol Vison designs won't be retired. I'm not familiar with her work, but I know how much I hate it when one of the designers I like stops designing or discontinues a pattern I want.

I hope Jessica does great on all her tests, the post-its sound like a great idea to help with memory and reinforce what she is learning.