Saturday, 8 September 2007

An Evening in A&E

Yep I spent a couple of hours in A&E last night with my DH:( To cut a long story short he cockled over on a rough piece of grass just over a week ago whilst at work and hurt his ankle. At the time his colleague wanted to take him to hospital as he couldn't move it at first but my DH refused and carried on working best he could. ( Silly man!). When he got home and took his shoes off his ankle was very swollen and very black. I wanted to take him to the doctors the following day ,as for all he could walk on it with a struggle I was convinced it was broken, but he wouldn't go and said it was just a sprain. He rested it last weekend and has been going to work as normal as he hates letting people down. Late yesterday afternoon we were trying to get the broadband/ phone line issues sorted and he was rushing about and cockled over again and ended up in absolute agony. This time he didn't refuse when I said he needed to go to hospital so straight after tea I drove him to our nearest A&E three quarters of an hour away. I must say I wasn't looking forward to Friday evening in A&E but when we arrived at 7pm it was relatively quiet and no sooner had we sat down they called his name. He was gone ages but had been for an x-ray and then we had to sit and wait until a doctor was free to look at it and see him. By the time the doctor had seen him and a nurse had strapped his ankle up it was 9pm and I was glad to be getting out as it was filling up. His ankle is not broken, thankfully, but badly sprained so he's been advised to rest it as much as possible and take a couple of days off work at least.

So no stitching for me last night, although had I thought on I'd have taken something small with me! I was hoping to get all the metallic done on the page on HAED Guardian before I put it away and thought with three evenings left on it I might just manage it but now I only have two and it's doubtful that I'll get it done. My Thread Heaven arrived yesterday but I haven't had chance to try it yet but on Thursday evening I did try tying the thread to my needle and that helped a lot.

My latest WIP is Just Nan Royal Blossoms which I made a start on on Thursday afternoon. I should really have got much more done than I did as it's only a small piece but I had a visit from the frog and my eyes felt so tired I decided to frog where I'd made the mistake then put it away. So this is my progress so far stitched on 28 count Flax linen. I love the colours of the blossoms and this would be perfect for a lavender filled mini-pillow:)

So the saga of our broadband continues. Still getting cut off and the speeds get lower and lower each time we connect back up again. DH rang OneTel yesterday and the phone line was so crackly he couldn't hear them and got cut off twice. He eventually rang them on his mobile ( God only knows how much that would cost) and got nowhere fast. They reckoned that the engineer had checked the line on Wednesday but as it was no better ( in fact it was worse) we weren't happy. They said that we should contact our ISP ( another waste of time seen as we already have done and they say it's not a problem their end). Within no time we had no phone line at all, no line in and no line out. So we found another phone and connected that to the test socket of the main line into the house still to no avail. It was at this point that DH did his ankle again! So I went to his Dad's down the street and rang OneTel only to be told to remove all objects from any extentions we have ( Sky box etc) and try the phone in the test socket. So I did this and for all we had a dial tone the line was still crackly. So back to his Dad's and another phone call and they are sending an engineer out on Monday morning to check the external wiring. We think that something has been done when engineers were up the pole near our house a few weeks ago and our line is no longer set up properly for broadband or something. My Dad rang us this morning and the line was so bad I couldn't hear a thing he was saying and I had to ring him back on DH's mobile ( thankfully he has so many free minutes to 01 and 02 numbers so it won't cost anything). I must admit with the messing about we have had we are seriously thinking of going back to BT. At least that was we're speaking directly to them. OK rant over!

Well I am going to catch up on blogs then I might go stitch for a while. Have a great weekend!


BeckySC said...

The JN piece is looking good so far :)
I hope your DH's ankle is better soon :)
Enjoy the weekend :)

Karen said...

nice start on the JN , is there ivy on the phone pole? is so do you have squirrels around? when we had these problems the squirrels had been nibbling our line then they went right through it!!!! hope the phone gets sorted out monday

Hope Dh behaves himself and does what the doctor orders

Andrea said...

Oh poor DH.I hope he's doing as he's told and the ankle gets better soon.
Good start on the JN. :)

Edda said...

Sorry to hear about your DH injury. Hope he will be OK soon. I just love the Royal Blossoms, I´d like to stitch this one some day. You´ve made a good start on it.

Julie said...

JN is looking good, very pretty. Hope DH is resting nicely and you are waiting on him LOL

Ranae said...

The RB is looking great, love the colors.
I hope for your DH to make a quick recovery on his ankle.
I love Thread Heaven. I use mine mostly on darker color threads, they seem to knot more then lighter colors, for me atleast.
Good Luck on the line.

Gill said...

At least DH's ankle wasn't broken! What is it with men won't go to the Dr?

Seriously, I would sent OneTel the bill for the mobile call, since it was their fault you had to use it.

Love the colours in the JN piece!

Carol said...

Ooh, poor DH, sounds painful Sally! Hope he's on the mend soon!

I love Royal Blossoms, especially in these colours....I never did get around to stitching the original. I've got this one too with the embellishments from Drema so must make sure I get it done!

Hazel said...

Oooh sounds nasty. That happened to me once - my ankle sweeled up after I tripped running for a bus! and turned black. It's never been quite right since. Just nan looks good already. xx

Lavender Rose said...

Sally, your blog set up looks fabulous! I love the colors!! And I can't wait to see the "Royal.." It's one of the prettiest have a great start. So sorry about your DH's ankle. They can be delicate and painful things. It's no fun and hard to heal. I'm sorry for you and him in this!!
I hope (selfishly) this doesn't interfer with your stitching time!
Lots of hugs,

Paula said...

Nice start Sally they colours are lovely.
OUCH poor dh hope his ankle is better soon and hope he's doing as he's told and resting it.
Has the engineer been yet? Hope you get your broadband and phone sorted today.
Happy stitching and hugs

Anita said...

Hope your husband has a speedy recovery. I can tell it will be hard to keep him rested. The JN royal blossom is a cute one and I like the progress so far.

monique said...

Ugh. I hope you got your phone/internet problems starightened out yesterday! And I also hope your DH's ankle is doing better today :)

Mo said...

Hope DH's ankle is better soon. It sounds very painful. I know from experience that a sprained ankle can be weak for ages afterwards (which is why he went over on it a 2nd time) and you need to build the muscles up again once the swelling's down.