Tuesday, 1 July 2008

My RR Returns and Other Stuff!

I am here at last with a blog update! Last week was my full-ish week on Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas and I made pretty good progress even though I do say so myself! Lol! I actually stayed up until I'd finished the snowflake motif last night as I didn't want to leave it unfinished! You can see my last picture of it here.
Friday Chris came for a visit. We had a lovely afternoon chatting. I showed her all my stitching all over the house, some of my stash, we did a bit of trading and I saw her gorgeous Judy O' Dell Sampler Garden Casket and accessories ( not finished yet) and it made me want to start mine but I can't yet so have to be good! She forgot to bring my RR but I forgave her and we decided that she keep it, finish it for me, and send it back all done!!! Lol! Somehow I think she must have had a change of heart as my RR arrived in the post yesterday:) I'm looking forward to meeting up again soon as I enjoy her company and we get on well. Here is a pic of my RR. I couldn't get a close-up but in the next few weeks I hope to make a start on making it up into the accordian book. Should be fun!

As you know I was thinking about maybe having a new start to replace Just Nan Morning Song and I couldn't make up my mind what to do. In the end, rightly or wrongly, I decided to go ahead and start Blackbird Designs Rites of Spring:) My plan had been to keep up with the Loose Feathers and have one finished before the next one came out which worked well for the first one then went totally to pot after that! Lol! I managed to stitch a bit of the tree and one of the swans. I think it could be quite quick to stitch.

I have been very naughty this morning and have ordered this after Kate posted a link to it on the S&S forum. I ordered it from Hollie Stitch . I will never be rich at this rate but I will have some lovely stash! Still at least I'm not stashing as much as I used to and I'm being much more selective about what I buy! I tend to think long and hard now rather than jump in with both feet!

Last week I received a parcel from Sarah who I got to know through the HAED forum and we keep in touch via PM on there. She knows I have not been well and sent me these lovely things:) Thank you so much Sarah. The notepad and pen are now in my bag and the JBW chart is waiting to be started and I hope to stitch it ready for Autumn:)

I finished the biscornu for the S&S secret biscornu exchange and it's in the post. I can't show it yet although I don't think the person I'm sending to reads my blog. I don't think it'll be much of a secret as we've known each other for several years now!

I went to the doctors yesterday as I found out on Friday afternoon that he wanted to see me regarding my blood tests. There was nothing untoward showed up so my swollen jaw is still a complete mystery, which is rather annoying, but he did mention the possibilty of it being a blocked saliva gland but I would be in more pain. I wanted to scream so why the hell have I felt so ill then?!!! It's been swollen two weeks now and I'm beginning to think I'm stuck with it although it's not as swollen as it was. So it's a wait and see situation as far as that is concerned. The only thing that did come to light is that my iron levels are low again so I now have just over three months supply of iron tablets. Something else that it looks as though I am going to have to put up with! Thank you all for your good wishes. I appreciate them very much and they mean more than you could all ever know:)

Well I better end here so thank you for reading all my drivel today:) Hugs to you all.


Vonna said...

Oh your RR is so lovely Sally! I can't wait to see that accordian book!
And your QC...well you know I think it is divine. It was nice to hear about Chris....she's a lovely lady and I own two things from her that she has stitched. I treasure them ;)
I do so hope your jaw starts to feel better. Sounds like it is NOT very much fun ;(

karenv said...

Such a lovely lot of pictures today Sally! Your RR is gorgeous - can't wait to see it all finished up :) Quaker Christmas is looking fabulous as well, you've made great progress!

I love your start on RoS - I've promised myself that I will start mine once I've finished Quaker Samplings I ;)

I love that Tournicoton piece too, particularly the peacock and the house/flower panels. I think that might find it's way into my own stash at some point!

Feel better soon {{{hugs}}}

Yodamanda said...

Oh dear I hope you feel better soon. Suspect I may be joining you on the ole iron tablet front, waiting for my blood results to come back too. I think it was Shelley who wrote 'If winter comes can spring be far behind?' Hope your spring returns soon.
Beautiful stitching by the way.

Carol said...

So many pretties :-) I love your AQC!

Karan said...

WOW! QC really is wonderful Sally & so is your RR.
Nice new start - will enjoy watching it develop.
Have been trying hard not to give in & buy the Tournicoton piece so stop tempting me! LOL
Lovely gifts too.
Hope the iron tablets perk you up & you start to feel much better soon (((((hugs))))).

Julie said...

Quaker and your RR look wonderful, can't wait to see it all made up.
I looked at that new one too, so far i've resisted LOL
Nice pressie and new start on the BD.
Hoping the iron tabs do the trick and give you a bit more energy.

Chiloe said...

Hope you feel better soon ;) Can't your doc refers you to a specialist? Or do more tests?

Anonymous said...

Quaker Christmas is stunning!!I love seeing that one grow.
Can't wait to see your RR made up,
what a great parcel from Sarah.
And a wonderful start on Rites of spring.
I hope the swollen jaw is not too uncomfortable for you ,and they can eventually solve what is up{{Hugs}}

Michele B. said...

I just love looking at your work - you pick the designs that I would too. Some day I to be able to do bigger designs like QC - just gorgeous. I love Rites of Spring - have you seen how Mary Kathryn finished hers - so pretty. Do take care of your sore jaw - I had a blocked duct once and it did clear up. Am also familiar with iron tablets - if they don't help try a different type of iron. Not all iron is the same or works for all people. I use Ferrous Gluconate -not Sulphate - (I'm not sure if you use the same terms in the UK) and it works really well. Feel better!

Susan said...

Your RR is gorgeous, Sally. I keep telling myself that for the next RR in which I participate, I'm going to have it be something that I can "finish", rather than just something to be framed.

You're making great progress on Quaker Christmas, too!

tkdchick said...

Your RR turned out fantasticlly! Your wip is looking great too!

I'm sorry to hear the Dr. had no good answers for you. That is frustrating.

Would a dentist have a better idea?

Joei said...

I like your AQC. Your RR looks great!

Mary Ann said...

Sally, I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the pretty pieces you are stitching.

AQC--beautiful! And, your RR is going to be gorgeous when finished as an accordian book

monique said...

That seems like a silly thing for a doctor to say because everyone has different pain levels and feels pain differently! I sure hope you get it sorted soon.

Very nice progress on QC and your RR is beautiful!

Andrea said...

Such an array of beauties. I love QC and the rr is just wonderful.

Ruth said...

Hiya Sally! I'm sending helathy thoughts straight at your jaw :)

BTW, your stitching plans (re: the Loose Feathers) didn't go to pot -- you merely used them as an opportunity to demonstrate your adapability to changing situations and needs (namely the need to stitch on something else 'cause you wanted to ;-)

I love every single stitch you've done lately, for the record!

Itching To Stitch said...

QC looks marvelous and I love your new start. Sorry that can't figure out what's wrong with your jaw. Is it time to see a different doctor?

Christine said...

Love the quaker piece!

I'm a sucker for Tournicoton too, but I've manage4d to hold off on that one..............so far ;)

Hazel said...

Gorgeous stitchng Sal. I can't wait to see all the rrs made up. Glad you bought the Tournicoton chart. They do such lovely designs. Hope your jaw settles down soon!! xx

Anita said...

Wow, wonderful pieces, I love your RR and the Quaker one is so pretty.
Thank you for the comment you left on the blog regarding the Emery design.

Mylene said...

Hope you feel better pretty soon.

Both pieces are looking great!