Wednesday, 30 July 2008

It's Wednesday Already!

Now that it is Julie's birthday and she has let me know that she received her gift I can show my secret stitching! This is what I stitched for her.

Lavender Wings Planted Hearts Needleroll and Fob

32 count

DMC Thread

Mill Hill Beads and Treasure

For Julie's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Julie! Unfortunately this picture is not very clear. I took in a bit of a hurry so I could get it in the post as I was a bit last minute with this.

Other stitching I've been doing is my usual stuff! Sunday it was BBD Rites of Spring which I just love stitching. I still haven't altered the T in Rites but I will do as I'm definitely not happy with it! This seems to stitching up so quickly which makes a nice change as everything else seems to be taking ages! Lol!

Next up is Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas and I finished the Merry Christmas and then moved on to the left hand bottom bit as my intention is to stitch down to the bottom and move across now. I did find a mistake I'd made on the first E in Peace so the P is also wrong but I haven't frogged as the motifs around it as still right as I didn't use the P and E to position them!

Last night I stitched on HAED TT Letter J and guess what?? Yep I finished the first page! Wahoooo!! So page 2 here I come next Tuesday!
We seem to have problems with Royal Mail with our Quaker RR. Everybody should have heard theirs back by now but RM are playing silly beggars. Tracy's DH posted to Chris last week and up until Saturday she hadn't got it back and it was posted first class recorded. Jane sent Tracy's and it has ended up being returned to Jane. It's just ridiculous and I am not impressed by the service RM provide.

Postie brought me some new stash today ( shush!!) from Mary Kathryn I ordered two The Sampler Girl charts from her which were Emily Dickinson Sampler and A Little Bird's Tea. Do you see a bird theme here?? Lol!
Well that's all from me today. I'm way behind on blogs at the moment and not sure when I am going to get caught up. Will do a few when I've published this. I will get there!

Oh we think the racing pigeon has gone. We were naughty yesterday as I went and laid on the grass with some seed in my hand and he eventually started eating out of my hand! Anyway we haven't seen him since about 3pm yesterday so we think he's gone home. I just hope his owner doesn't destroy him because he got lost and was late home:(



Kim B said...

The t does look like an f. I wonder why they did it like that. But the project is gorgeous!!

And the gift for Julie looks sweet enough to eat :)

Nic said...

Everything looks so pretty! Congratulations on your finishes.

karenv said...

What lovely gifts you made for Julie, they're beautiful!

You're making wonderful progress on your WIPs too - putting me to shame at the minute, since I seem to have lost my stitching mojo in the hot weather.

Can't wait to see your first floss tag, BTW ;)

Julie said...

Thank you so much for the lovely gift, i love it.

Lots of progress this week on your stithcing, nice stash too.

Lee said...

Your gift is so pretty! I have that design in my stash and now I wonder why I've never stitched it...You may have inspired me!

Mylene said...

WOW! Such beautiful gifts for Julie! Well done!!

Sachiko said...

Wow!What a beautiful needlroll and fob!!!Nice birthday gifts for Julie.

Your another progress are so gorgeous!I bought "A Quaker Christmas "chart,too.But I cna't strat it yet.I want to start!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your gifts for Julie are very pretty. Your WIP's are amazing, I think my jaw dropped open more and more as I scrolled down to look at your pictures ;)

Stephanie said...

Hi Sally - you've got some lovely projects on the go! I love the needleroll you stitched for Julie, that one has long been on my wishlist :) I've added your blog to my reader.

Susan said...

Beautiful gifts for Julie, Sally!

I love your Quaker Christmas!

Stitchingranny said...

That needleroll is simply stunning. Everything else is lovely too Sally, you have been busy.

tkdchick said...

Beautiful gift for Julie!!! Your WIPs look great!

Christine said...

What lovely gifts you made for Julie.
I agree, the Blackbird piece does look like an f, you could always pretend "The Rifes of Spring" were some ancient festival, like "Beware the Ides of March" ;D

Karan said...

Lucky Julie! All your stitching is beautiful Sally & the WIP's are progressing well. Have a feeling there'll probably be a finish by the time I get home from my holiday. :0)

Jade said...

The needleroll and fob are absolutely stunning. Quaker Christmas and the other projects are looking great too! You are a gifted stitcher.

Joei said...

Lovely gift for Julie, Sally!

Lovely stitching too on your wip.

Paula said...

What's this Sally....MORE stash??? pmsl..

Your stitching is as always gorgeous. I love the needleroll you made for Julie, and I'm sure Julie will LOVE it....

Can't believe you had the pigeon eating out of your hand lol He might just come back. I think if pigeons are on a long journey they have to stop for a rest...don't they? I'm sure you will see it again.

Hope you are keeping well Sally, Hugs and Happy stitching.....

Ranae said...

oh! I love Julies BD gift.
Everything is looking so fabulous. You are such an inspiration to me, Sally

Solstitches said...

What a sweet gift you made for Julie.
I love the little pillow you did to match the needleroll.
Very pretty.