Saturday, 26 July 2008

Revealing Early!

Tomorrow is reveal day for the S&S SAL Challenge but I'm revealing mine here a day early as I won't be blogging tomorrow. This month's design was Debbie Draper Designs Love which is a real pretty design. I made it into a pendibule using a tutorial here. I decided to send it as a little pick-me-up/ good luck gift for Lisa who was having an op to have her gall bladder removed yesterday. She loved it and was taking it with her in her bag to hospital:)

Debbie Draper Designs Love

28 count fabric

DMC Variations 4210

Finished as a pendibule.
Gift for Lisa

On Wednesday I actually stitched on Ink Circles Sea Stars! I haven't stitched on it for 2 weeks but I think the break did me good as I stitched quite a bit on it and now have my enthusiasm back again.

I can't believe this! I've already been honoured to receive two awards this week and now I have a third! This time awarded to me by Marianne of Midnight Stitching:) Thank you so much Marianne:) I am so honoured.

Here are the rules. . .
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog

.2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.

3. Nominate 5 blogs

4. Put links to the blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees

For my previous two awards I have chosen nominees but this time I'm going to be bad and break the rules! Lol! So this award is for ALL the blogs in my blog list especially any that have not been nominated yet. You are all amazing, inspiring people:)

I thought you might like to see the visitor we've had over the last few days in our garden! We first noticed him the other day and Jess realised he had rings on his legs so he must be a racing pigeon. He comes for food and showers and drinks in the pebble fountain! He seems to like sitting on the shed roof and also in the guttering! Somebody somewhere must be missing him but I guess he will find his way home one day. I took this photo when he was sat on the shed roof!
And here's the yucca in our front garden. It's the first time it's flowered properly as last time they all died off before they came out. There's loads more to come out.
Well I am going to do some making up now. I started to do it last night but it wasn't going too well so back to it with the hope it goes better today! Have a great weekend everyone!



Susan said...

After seeing your Sea Stars WIP, I looked at it at my LNS last week. I think I'm going to buy it when I finish one of my two other "larger" projects. I'm thinking of stitching it all in one color of variegated. Yours is lovely!

The S&S piece is adorable, too!

Lynn said...

I love the S&S finish Sally, it's so sweet, no wonder Lisa liked it :)

Ranae said...

Beautiful finished pendibule.
SS is looking so pretty, love the colours.
Congrats! on the awards

Itching To Stitch said...

Your Sea Stars is simply gorgeous ;)

Julie said...

Coooo mr pigeon, i hope you find your roost soon. Nice yucca

SS looks great, growing nicely

Nice challenge piece too, not tried a pendibule before

sammyjo said...

Cute pendibule and a really nice gift for lisa, i hope everything went alright at the hospital for her! and im wishing her a speedy recovery!

Ink circles sea stars is looking so good, how much is left to do?

Bliss said...

Hi Sally, I always enjoy your blog pics. Today's are no exception. Thank you for sharing.

karenv said...

Lovely pendibule Sally!

Sea Stars is looking wonderful, great colour choices!

jane said...

What a lovely gift, and Sea Stars is lookng great too.

Anonymous said...

I tried a pendibule for this design last month, but it went wrong :-0, But love yours,
I have two of those yucca plants in my garden,only one flowered last year.

Just don't feed the pidgeon,it'll find it's way home when hungry!!LOL! We bought our house off a bloke who raced Pidgeons ,so we had them come back for a while!!

Andrea said...

Lovely pendibule, haven't tried that finish yet. You are making great progress on the Ink Circles piece.

Christine said...

Your pendibule finish is really pretty. Sea Stars is coming along well too.
We were "adopted" by a lost racing pigeon a few weeks ago, he kept trying to get in the kitchen window, but the cat scared him off eventually. Wonder if its the same one ;)

Carol R said...

Beautiful pendibule Sally and your Ink Circles is coming along nicely - great colour.

Cherry said...

Dear Sally,

please visit my blog, I give you an award :))

Joei said...

Your S&S looks great.
And your Sea star is coming along nicely. I just like the seahorses and octopus. It's looking great, keep it up.

Lovely pics, thanks for sharing.

WendyCarole said...

We have had a racing pigeon visiting us too, boy is he a greedy little thing. he sits and eats absolutely everything that is put out for the little birds.
Sea stars is looking lovely.

Kajsa said...

Cute finish and nice progress on Sea Stars too!

Kim B said...

I love this finishing technique! So cute! And your IC project is really looking great!

stitcherw said...

Very cute finish, and I'm sure it will make Lisa feel better looking at it. All your WIP's are looking so lovely, I especially enjoyed seeing Sea Stars again. I think I'm really going to need to break down and get that one, everytime I see yours I start to drool. :)
I love the colors you're using for the different motifs.

tkdchick said...

Your finishing challenge piece is great!

Karan said...

Love your Challenge piece - such a lovely thing to do for Lisa. :0) Good to see SS again - looking gorgeous. Lovely pics too.
Congrats on the awards - very much deserved. :0)