Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A Bit of Stitching and Cake!

Strange title I know! Lol! You will see later where the cake comes in!

I have been feeling much more human this week so I've done more stitching than I did last week. I know some of you may wonder how I still managed to stitch last week when I have felt so ill but it helps me relax and forget to a certain extent how bad I felt.

So here's my progress on Blackbird Designs Rites of Spring ( Loose Feathers). I'm not too happy with the T in Rites as it looks more like an F. I've already altered it once but I think I may need to change it again. I do, however, love the design and the colours of this. It is so easy to stitch.

As usual Mondays are A Quaker Christmas night so more stitching on my favourite piece of the moment! There are quite a few errors on the chart and, to my surprise, I am managing to pick them out as I go along and I have decided to correct them best I can. I am also going to make my own changes with some of the wording:)

Last night I did quite a lot on HAED TT Letter J so I was very happy. Next week I may just get page 1 finished:) I absolutely love stitching this and love how it is stitching up.
I am very excited as Lisa and I are planning on doing a SAL of this after the Summer holidays. I am really looking forward to doing this as I've been downloading all the parts since it started in the hope of stitching it one day. I don't know exactly when we will start but at least it gives us 6 weeks to decide on fabric and threads:)

The girls finished school for the summer yesterday so they'll be doing lots of relaxing and stuff! Jess is going to have to get a summer job as she wants to learn to drive when she's 17 ( in a few weeks) but as we live in a small town I'm not sure she'll find one easily. She did look a few weeks ago and asked in one shop and was told no because she wasn't 18.

Jess was quite upset a while ago to discover that one of her chemistry teachers would be leaving. She adores this teacher and she is also very popular with most of the class so her and a few of her classmates decided that they'd throw a little party for her on the last lesson! I don't know how they managed to keep it from her but with the help of other teachers and the technicians it was kept a secret. Jess made her a cake and here it is! Just incase you're wondering the icing under the writing is "Just a splodge" which was something the teacher used to say! I think it must be a scientific term! Lol! Anyway the party went well so they were all pleased:)

Hope everyone is having a good week. Looks like we might just get some good weather for a few days! Take care everyone!



Anonymous said...

Lovely progress pics, I must admit the t looks like a f to me as well!
Yum that cake does look yummy!!

Joei said...

Wow, rights of spring is looking great. I like the color of the fabric you used.

AQC is really lovely. You've stitched a lot on it, congrats. I wonder when will I ever have the time to do it, ackk, lol!

karenv said...

You're making such great progress Sally! I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on just one thing at the minute, so I admire the fact that you're sticking to your rotation :)

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Beautiful progress, Sally!

Julie said...

You've been a busy bee this week

Nice cake too -yummy!!!!

monique said...

Nice progress... glad you are feeling a bit better! The cake looks yummy (even with a splodge LOL)

sammyjo said...

I am loving th colours on the blackbird design! its very cute!

I think the cake was a sweet idea (no pun intended) :)

P.S. i just wondered if you got my email reply to the comment you left. Well just incase you didn't get jess to look up a programm called JETS its a programm for uni grads to go to japan and teach english! :) I found it ver interesting

Anonymous said...

You have been busy! I can't wait to see more of the "Rites of Spring". I have just recently gotten some Loose Feathers designs but haven't had a chance to start them, so I will live vicariously thru you!

Srinity said...

They are all looking good. I hope I can plan some kind of rotation after my Chart-with-deadline is done. :) I have a new update of the Fae at my blog.

Elisa said...

oh yes please a big slice for

your WIP's are looking great...pass me some of your motivation will you ....mine has gone on


tkdchick said...

Sally glad you're feeling well enough to get back at all of your fantastic WIPs!!!

Karan said...

Glad you're feeling better - stitching is a great distraction from whatever ails a body (should be available on prescription!). WIP are coming on well - QC is still my all time fave though! :0)
What a lovely thing to do for the teacher - bet she was touched to know she's so well thought of.

Lynn said...

lovely stitching Sally, and I'm glad your feeling better this week :)

Yummy looking cake too, Hope the teacher enjoyed his 'splodge' :)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear you are feeling better Sally. I quite enjoy your progress on Quaker Christmas - I've been sitting here wondering whether or not this should make my list for future projects, I am pretty sure it will make it to the list. :-) Nice cake for the teacher. Hope you have a great day!

Susan said...

Oh my - I wish I hadn't clicked on that link showing what you are going to do your SAL - that is stunning!! I *love* those pinks. I must resist the temptation! I can't wait to see your start on this one!

I'm glad that you're feelling a little better. Gentle {{{hugs}}}

Marianne said...

Your Rites of Spring looks great Sally! The progress on your Quaker Christmas is amazing! Stop by my blog, I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award! : )

Claire said...

Busy stitching as always and as always lovely pieces! Love the progress piccies.


Kim B said...

AQC is really coming along for you!! That cakes look delicious!