Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Another Award!

Wow I have received another award this time from Christine:) Coming from a lady who is a designer and a fantastic finisher this is another honour. So thank you Christine:)

These are the rules:
1. The winner can display this award on their blog
2. Display a link to the person you have got the award from.
3. Nominate at
least 7 other blogs, you like.
4. Set the links to the blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a comment on the blogs you have chosen.
My nominees are:)

Svenja at Storm at Sea

Again these are just a few of the blogs I read and enjoy. As you can see by my blog list there are many more:)



Joei said...

Congratulations Sally!

sammyjo said...

Congrats to the award sally you deserve it! :)

Ranae said...

Congratulations on two awards.
Thanks so much for picking me, it really made my day. Right back at ya, Sally Dear.

Karan said...

Congratulations on both awards Sally - much deserved. :0)

Kim B said...

Sally I'm so flattered!! You are so sweet to think of me!