Thursday, 26 June 2008

Secret Stitching and WIPs!

Not much stitching this week although I did manage almost 10 rows of page 1 of HAED TT letter J on Tuesday night. Monday night by the time DH and I had got back from the meeting/ talk at school I did not feel like stitching as I felt so ill. The talk was pretty dull I must say but there were some points brought up that we did not know about but it was pretty scary too thinking that at the end of uni Jess could be about £24,000 in debt!

Anyway back to my stitching! Here's my progress on HAED TT letter J. I do like the way this is stitching up. It's so easy to stitch with there being so little confetti and so few colours. I can see me actually wanting to keep stitching this and finishing it! Lol!

Last night I was a bit late sitting down to stitch by the time Abi and I had got back from her review evening, had tea, washed up etc so I only got the seahorse finished on Sea Stars and another one started. I was in bed at just gone 10pm which is not like me at all. I love this seahorse! He looks so cute! Karen how are you getting on with yours?

Now that I know everyone has received their little gifts I can show the secrets I finished! I wanted to stitch a little something for Chris, Lisa, Jane and Tracy for stitching on my RR and found the ideal thing when Jayne was doing pre-orders a while ago. So here is what I stitched! The picture does not do them justice though.

Twisted Oaks Designs M'Lady's Needle Nanny
Carrie's Creations Lumiere De Cheryl
Gifts for Chris, Lisa, Jane and Tracy.

Thank you for all your good wishes for the dentist. Unfortunately I am still none the wiser as to what is causing my jaw to swell but it's up more and I have felt terrible these past few days. The dentist was very thorough and was totally stumped! So I managed to get an appointment for the doctors the same morning and saw the same one I saw at half term. He decided he wanted to do blood tests to see if those will shed some light on what is going on so I went for those yesterday although I have to go back in 2 weeks to have one of them repeated. He said that if there is anything he will be in touch and the results should be back tomorrow. So I'm keeping my finger's crossed that I am simply fighting an infection of some sort and it's nothing more serious than that.

Jess enjoyed herself at university on Monday so much so she didn't want to go back to school on Monday! Lol! Let's see if she feels that way when she's there full time!

Abi's review evening went well. I did not feel like going but it's only once a year and as DH was working late and could not go I decided I needed to make the effort and I was so pleased I did. All the teachers Abi and I saw had nothing but praise for her and I came out feeling so proud:) Apparently the group she is in has quite a lot of children who really don't want to work and one teacher said that Abi and the group of girls she sits with have kept her going which I thought was lovely. I really would not like to be a teacher these days.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Just Nan finish:) Your visits and comments mean so much {{{{hugs}}}}.

I'm going to hang some more washing out while it is fine. It keeps looking like rain!



brokenfairy said...

TT'J' looks so sweet,and I just love SS,so many lovely colours.
What lovely adorable gifts you made,
Sorry to hear they don't have answers about your swelling yet ((Hugs))
It is great that Jess is looking forward to Uni,and well done Abi for making your Mom proud!!

Solstitches said...

Love those little needle keepers Sally. What lovely gifts these are for your friends.
It's been a pleasure watching your progess on Sea Stars. I love the piece very much and your stitching is beautiful.

Heather said...

What beautiful gifts Sally.
Sorry to hear the dentist and doctor couldn't say what was wrong, I hope the blood tests come up with nothing. I don't envy you having to go back for more, I'm needle phobic and hate having blood taken.

Fantastic news about Jess (not the debt though) and Abi's brilliant review at school.

Big {{{Hugs}}}

Itching To Stitch said...

Your HAED is coming along just great. Sea Stars looks almost done!! It's beautiful ;)

karenv said...

Hope the doctor can work out what's happening with your jaw {{{hugs}}}

Lovely progress on Sea Stars. The needleminders are gorgeous, such a pretty thread colour!

monique said...

Ooooh those needle nanny gifts are so lovely! I sure hope you get some dental relief soon.

Carol said...

Your Tiny Treasures is so sweet!

Karan said...

I like the TT & SS is coming on so well. Those Needle Nanny's are so pretty - lucky RR ladies!
Hope the tests shed some light on the problem Sally & that you're soon feeling well again(((((hugs))))).
Well done to Jess & Abi. :0)

Christine said...

Sea Stars is looking wonderful!

Well done to Jess and Abi, and I hope you get your dental problems sorted out quickly

Lisa said...

As I said in my email, thank you SO much for my needle minder! It is absolutely gorgeous and I will always treasure it (hugs).
Sea Stars is looking wonderful, your seahorse is so cute, and your HAED TT is really coming along.

Julie said...

Great stitching progress, love the NN's what special thank gifts.

Hope you feel better today, well done to the girls

Lucy said...

Love the Twisted Oak designs!!!

Joei said...

Beautiful stitching! Those pinkeeps are so gorgeous. Your friends must be happy receiving such pretty gift.
You HAED and SS are coming along nicely.

Mylene said...

Such lovely gifts you made for everyone on RR.
Both your WIP's are really looking great.

Novice Stitcher said...

I am so sorry you are feeling so unwell. Despite that you are doing things for and with your family and stitching beautifully. You are a very strong person, even if sometimes you don't feel that way! I will keep my fingers crossed for good test results and good health very soon.

staci said...

I love your needle nannies, so cute! Hope that the dentist/dr can figure out what's going on soon :)

Stitcher said...

A big thanks for my wonderful needle nanny, it will be a very treasured possession.


Loved seeing everything, can't wait til the next time.

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Sally the thought of all that debt would give me nightmares, though I know it seems to be an accepable thing with those going to uni nowdays.

Nice to know that both your girls are getting on so well. But maybe it is yourself you should be proud of for bringing them up so well.

Ranae said...

Congrats! on the beautifully finished JN.
Those needle nannies are the cutest.
Gosh! I do hope they get your jaw feeling better. I am in love with your HAED and SS.

Shari said...

the needle minders are adorable! That is a finish I have never seen & may need to figure out if I could do it or not! Love them! I found your blog via Blue Ribbon Designs gallery! Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

Sally love your letter J and your Sea Stars they are both gorgeous. Well done.
Love the needle minders too, what lovely gifts to make...I bet the receivers absolutely loved them.

Hope the blood restults are ok...god luck with them...

Happy stitching...(((((((((hugs))))))))))

stitcherw said...

You've been quite busy, with everything going on I'm surprised you've gotten as much stitched as you have. The needleminders look great, and you've made wonderful progress on your HAED J piece. Sea Stars though is looking awesome. I love the colors and the cute motifs. The seahorse would have been such fun to stitch, on it's own it would make a fun bookmark for a beach read.

Ruth said...

Such lovely stitching! You can be rightly proud of your little gifts-- they are beautiful. And the more I see of your Sea Stars the more I want to stitch it! bad stitcher!!!! lol I can't have another big WIP. I just can't -- if I say it enough, maybe I'll convince myself.

Feel better!

Michelle said...

Your stitching projects are so beautiful.

I hope you are feeling better and that the doctors can find out what's going on..

Thanks for the hugs about Taz..


Ginnie said...

thanks for stopping by at my blog, your HAED is looking good.
My daughters are about to start GCSE's so not got to the uni stage yet! I dread to think of the costs as I have twins!!!

tkdchick said...

Hi Sally, I am soooo far behind on my blogs! Your Heaven and Earth looks fantastic... when did you start that! And your Ink Circles are comeing along fantastically!

Little Cat said...

I hope your mouth is feeling better soon and that it is nothing serious.

I just love your Sea Stars. Such a pretty project and those little gifties you stitches are so cute :o)

Nicola said...

Great WIP's Sally and those needle nannies are just gorgeous!