Monday, 9 June 2008

Stitching and A Bit of Stash

At last here I am with an update! I don't know where the latter end of the week went but never mind!!

Karen and I changed our night on Sea Stars so I stitched on it Wednesday last week and although I doesn't look like I got much done I did finally finish the motif I was stitching on so will be able to move onto another one this week:) I think we'll be stitching on this all year but it will have been an enjoyable stitch:) Of course it's always nice when you have someone to stitch along with.

Last night was my SAL night with Nic on Just Nan Morning Song. I was more successful this week than I was last week and am onto the sheep band. My sheep are going to be black-ish because white is not going to show up too well on my fabric and I think they look OK so far. This is such a fun one to stitch.

I have been stitching other bits but I can't show you those yet. One is a PIF which I posted today and the others will get shown eventually! I now have one more PIF to do and plenty of time to do it in:) I have also made a start on the biscornu for the secret exchange on S&S. I have plenty of time as post out isn't until July.

Saturday I had a wee bit of stash through the post:) A while ago I won a contest for Brightneedle Tall Trees on Nic's blog and she also sent me SB School House needleroll chart so that's another one to my little collection:) Thank you Nic:)

Jess finished her exams last Wednesday so is now off until next Monday. Wednesday afternoon she got a phone call from the head of 6th form to tell her she'd been nominated for masterclasses in biology and physics at Hull University:) We were all so pleased for her. Anyway she had to go into school the next day to read the leaflets and decide what she wanted to do. The biology and physics were at the same time in the morning but because she'd been nominated she could pick any masterclass so she decided on biology in the morning and chemistry in the afternoon. It'll give her a taste of what university will be like and will look good on her UCAS forms when it comes to applying for uni:)

It's hot, hot , hot here and I'm afraid I don't like it this hot! I'd be happy with the sun shining but a little cooler than it is!

I am way behind on blogs yet again so am going to spend a bit of time catching up then I might be very lazy this afternoon and sit and stitch.
Have a great week everyone!



Kyriaki said...

Hi Sally. Firstly - congratulations to Jess! You must all be thrilled.

Sea Stars is looking lovely, It's a fun piece but I don't think I'll end up stitching it, just not my cup of tea. Nice to watch yours grow :)

Thanks for the comment :) I'm trying to look after myself but failing miserably in some ways. Not good.

I'm having fun stitching this, so I'm going to madly work on it 'til I get sick of it. My usual strategy. It's so pretty!

Kim B said...

Your stitching looks beautiful! Congrats to Jess!

Lynn said...

Well Done Jess, all that hard work has paid off :)

Lovely stitching Sally, as always :)

Julie said...

Congrats to Jess

Great progress on your WIP's

You are organised with your PIF's and challenge and Exch bits, i better get off here and get some done too LOL

Stitchingranny said...

Well done to Jess. I bet she is relieved the exams are over and I am sure she will have done well.

Great WIPs as usual Sally.

Oh the blogs - I caught up last week how can I possibly be behind again now - but I am.

Karan said...

Well done Jess!
Great progress on your WIP's Sally - love watching them grow. :0)
Hot doesn't suit me either: makes my feet swell up but I guess it gives me a good excuse to sit & stitch! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sea Stars is looking awesome Sally - I like the colours you're using much better than the originals!

Congrats to Jess!

Carol said...

Both are so beautiful!

Karen said...

well done Jess
your wip's look great

Twana said...

You made some nice progress on Morning Song. It's looking lovely.
That's wonderful news about your daughter. Congratulations!

Joei said...

Lovely stitching Sally, both are looking great!

Hazel said...

Great progress Sally. xx

Diana said...

Don't complain about it being hot - it's cold up here! Send some of that warmth up here please...