Monday, 26 March 2007

Weekend Stitching

I wasn't sure whether to blog or not today but as I have a couple of stitching WIPs I decided I would.

On Saturday I started Chatelaine Lavender Mandala from the October 2006 issue of The Gift of Stitching. Lisa, Julie and I are doing a SAL on this and are stitching on weekends on it. I was unsure on what fabric to use for mine but my Ebay win from Sugar Maple Fabrics arrived on Saturday ( just in time!) so I chose a piece called Violets in the Shade from those. The scan really does not show how pretty the fabric is. I love this piece and can't wait to stitch on it again. I think this may well leave me itching to do a bigger mandala and my Mini Mandalas 1 chart should be here soon so it could be one of those! Who knows after that! Lol!

Seen as I'd finished page 3 of HAED Summer ACEO before the end of my rotation I decided to stitch a little bit more on Papillon Creations Serendipity on Friday night and I made a start on page 3. I got all the cross stitching done apart from the bit I'm stitching in metallic plus the queen stitches. These were much easier to do than the ones on Chatelaine Summer Afternoon! I am loving this piece so much. I might see if I can those metallic stitches added this week.

On Saturday, as I said, I received my Ebay win from Mindy at Sugar Maple Fabrics. The pieces are gorgeous and like they are all 28 count ( only one is marked as it). I received a COTM piece which is a beautiful greeny shade, Tree Tops which is blue ( had this before and it is lovely), Gelati which is a lovely mix of colours plus Violets in the Shade which I have already mentioned. I also received my silks from Vicki Clayton and they are so pretty. So that's my stash haul for now! I do have more to come soon:)

The 4th part of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV was released yesterday and I'm sorry to say I'm not sure about this bit before I even start stitching it! lol! It's in the inner frame and it's a little girl with a cat in her arms with a doll and a church at her feet. I am sure it will be fine once it's stitched but it's not what I was expecting but it is a mystery! I might make a start on it sometime this week in an afternoon. Won't be this afternoon as I've been messing about too much on here and I haven't got any veg prepared for tea yet!

I must admit that I haven't had a particularly good weekend. Friday night I had the most awful feeling of sheer exhaustion that I have had difficulty shaking off. One thing I hate doing is having a sleep during the day so I keep going rather than stop but don't get a good nights sleep when I go bed. I can't win. Saturday the tearfullness crept in and yesterday it turned to anger, loneliness and all the rest of it. My DH said one or two things that upset me and made me realise that I'm not likely to get much, if any, support from him. I have been searching for an online support group where I can go and get my feelings aired etc but I can't find one that is as active as I would like in the UK so I have joined one that is USA based. On there I actually found a list of 34 Signs of the Menopause and out of those 34 I have had at least 24 of them over the past few years. I really wish I had found this before then at least I'd have had some idea and not felt like I was going mad. It's times like this that I miss my Mum all the more and I feel so alone. Now I just need to sort out a natural alternative to HRT!

That's it from me today. Sorry if I've bored you. Maybe I should put an alert up when I go off stitching mode:)


Julie said...

WOW you made good progress on the mandala, looks great, roll on next weekend LOL

Serendipity looks good too, printed mine off, wonder how long before i cave in ...

{{big hugs}} hope my down mood of last week didn't rub off on you, good job menapause doesn't happen to men, just imagine how much grief we'd get then !!!

take care, rest plenty, ditto what you said to me...i'm here if you want to chat/rant/moan etc

Nicola said...

Lavender Mandala is looking good Sally, look forward to seeing more. I just started mine this afternoon as I needed a new start to cheer me up a bit.

I like Serendipity too and have also downloaded that one myself to stitch at a later date when I have nothing else to do. ROFLOL!

Michele said...

lovely stitching this weekend Sally! I really enjoy seeing the big projects you work on come alive :)

Paula said...

Hi Sally, love your Chatalaine's lovely.
Ok Sally, I want you to go and give your DH a very HARD kick up the backside and tell him it's from me. Tell him I said he'd better support my pal or I'll have to come and sort him out....that should scare him!!!
Sally your exhausted....if you have to nap during the day do're getting over tired and this is probably why you can't sleep. Do as Aunty Paula tells you.
Hope you feel better today,
Huggles and happy stitching....

Anonymous said...

Sally, thanks for the comment on my blog but ... I'm "Nancy" (not Michele). ;o)
Ah, the joys of menopause. I've got to catch up more with your blog but take it from me: you will survive. Men don't get it - never will. Have faith, take a deep breath ... and we're all here for cyber hugs whenever you need 'em!

Hazel said...

Awww Sally its not easy being a woman!! Keep smiling hon - it will get easier.
Your stitching looks fantastic. Such beautiful colours and fabrics. I really like your serendipity. You chose well my dear!
Thread Bear seem very Very nice. I got a rough price for the threads I need which are a bit more expensive than USA but cheaper chart and linen and p&p so it all works out about the same I think.

Stitchingranny said...

Lol Sally, been there and done that, the menopause thing I mean, and sometimes felt like I was going through hell. If you have to moan somewhere your blog is as good a place as any, and I used to always feel so much better for getting it off my chest.

Both the Mandala and Serendipity are looking good. Im looking forward to doing the next bit on mine on Wednesday.

Carol said...

Your Lavender Mandala start is beautiful - now I really feel an urge to start this too!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Sally (your reply to me) ... I've been called worse things (hmmm... have I? *lol*) ... please don't worry about it!

Lizzy said...

Lavender Mandala is just gorgeous, Sally... and the fabby is perfect! And Serendipity is coming along beautifully... :-)

I'm so sorry you are feeling so exhausted and so down, Hun... I wish there was something I could do or say to make you feel better... I am here if you want to vent or chat... you can email me anytime... take care, Sweetie and try and get some rest... {{{Big Hugs}}} and lots of Love...