Saturday, 10 March 2007

Update on Winter

Thank you everybody for your comments. I am feeling much better today; still a bit off it but nowhere near what I was like on Thursday and yesterday. Helen said there was a bug going round so am hoping that is what I have had and it'll be out of my system soon. We have been to Morrison's grocery shopping this morning and I must admit I felt whacked just doing that. I can't be doing to be ill next week as I have an appointment to have my hair restyled and have been looking forward to it so much and I'm meeting up with Chris again on Friday.

Stitching wise I have managed to keep up with HAED Winter this week. I was determined to stitch somehow to try and take my mind of not feeling well so stitch I did and I got just over half a page done which I think is probably the most I've ever managed on a HAED in five days! Lol! I can hardly wait to pick her up again and get the page finished!

It's back to Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV for the weekend and I hope to finish it so that I can move onto something else next weekend, just not sure what yet! Monday to Friday next week is Chatelaine Summer Afternoon.

I received my COTM from Sassy's Fabbys yesterday and it is gorgeous. It's called Lucious Lavender. As I said before I was hoping to stitch Just Nan Queen of the Needle on it but because of shrinkage during the dying process it is smaller than 13" x 18" so I daren't risk stitching it on it as even at 18" in length it was a bit too small but nothing out of the way.

Hope everybody is having a good weekend. I think we'll just be chilling although Jess is tidying her bedroom today! Lol!


Hazel said...

Hi Sally, glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Your Winter is looking just fab! and the new fabbie sounds yummy.

Nicki said...

Winter is looking fantastic Sally! :)

Extremlygentle1 said...

Sally your Winter looks stunning and I am glad that you are feeling better now. It is a good feeling when you get alot done and are close to finishing a page.

Julie said...

WOW Sally, winter looks fab, 1/2 a page this week ..... how do you do it LOL

just put a Leo pic on my blog LOL