Thursday, 1 March 2007

Chocolate Shoppe and Stuff!

As yesterday was the LHN Chocolate Shoppe SAL I spent most of the afternoon stitching on that. I am quite pleased with what I got done and I really like how it looks so far. I do like it on the fabric colour but I can't for the life of me remember what it is as I've had it years! LOL!
Rebecca I hope this does not make you crave chocolate too much! LOL! Must admit I was craving it big style yesterday and Abi had asked me to get her a bar of Galaxy to give to her friend for her birthday! How I managed not to eat it I will never know!

I am having a hard time debating what to keep on my wish list and what to take off! I can't possibly buy all those and stitch them. For one I don't have the wall space and for another some stitching supplies are getting rather expensive. I know that it's lovely to stitch with silks but let's face it the Caron and Thread Gatherer silks are way out of a lot of people's leagues now. I have been looking at Vicki Clayton silks and have chosen a couple of hers to use on two of the charts I want to stitch in the not too distant future and I think I'll continue to sub if I can. I certainly don't want to give my hobby up and would go back to using DMC on everything if I had to and that is getting expensive here in the UK. I pay 60p a skein for it at the local arts and crafts shop. It amazes me when the stuff is made in France and it's cheaper for me to buy it from the States than it is here. I had found somewhere that did it much cheaper in the UK but he has closed his business which is a real shame.

I ended up not getting both pairs of glasses! They both needed altering in the arms so I waited patiently while the lady went off to that and when she came back she looked rather embarrassed. It turned out that she'd broken one of the arms off my normal reading glasses and they didn't have another pair of those frames in stock so that they could replace it! So I have to wait about four days for them to get more in, which will mean another trip to Beverley. It's not that far but when you don't want to go for anything else plus petrol being the price it is.

I am feeling a bit shaky and achey today. So typical when I actually feel quite upbeat for a change! LOL! I am three weeks overdue and don't know what to do about it. Do I go the doctors or do I just get on with it. At my age they are probably just going to assume I'm menopausal!

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Karen said...

You should go to the Doctor Sally 3 weeks is a long time, I could scare you as say a woman I worked with who was 45 how has a 3 month old!!!!!!!!
On the floss prices it's daft I buy in the States get it sent over and it's still cheaper than I can get over here.
I love your chocolate shoppe I can see that going on my wish list one day LOL but Like you I have way too much I want

Paula said...

Hi Sally, I think you should go to the doctor otherwise you'll drive yourself nuts Sally!!!
I buy my DMC's from the US, so much cheaper. Here I pay from €1 to €1.15 for one dmc.
Chocolate Shoppe is gorgeous and really growing....
Happy stitching and Huggles to you....

Nicola said...

Your Chocolate Shoppe is looking great Sally. I didn't get that much done on mine yesterday, must post the picture soon. I'm lucky where DMC is concerned in that I have a shop on the way into Stafford that sells it at 45p. Mind you it's not a shop that I like but then I din't like paying the RRP either! Other than that I get it from Sew and So if I'm ordering enough other things to make it worth the P&P or I get it from Hobbycraft where it's slightly more expensive at 55p. I agree about the other threads being dear, I want to stitch a Chatelaine freebie that calls for just one shade of Thread Gatherer's for just a few stitches, I'm contemplating trying to sub that.

June said...

You'll have to go to the doc - three weeks is long overdue and wondering will drive you crazy!

Your Chocolate Shoppe is looking fabulous!! I promised myself that one after I stitch at least 4 LHN's in my stash. :)

I know what you mean with the stitchy supplies! (Here in Germany it is virtually impossible to find a stitchy shop and if you do, they stock very little and at a price that will put anyone in their grave!!) I buy all my stuff from the States and when we travel.

Sorry to hear about the glasses, what a bummer. :( Hope they get it sorted soon!

Claire said...

Go to the Drs Sally.

Chocolate Shoppe looks fantastic!


Michele said...

Chocolate shoppe is looking great! I do love the fabric you are using, even if you can't remember the name *giggle*

Stitchingranny said...

Hi Sally, A friend has given me a link for a place in the states where you can get Caron Waterlillies for an amazing £2.45 each if you want the link then just email me and I will be happy to pass this on.

Re health yes I agree go to the GP. Not sure what age you are and it could be the menopause but it could be other things too so well worth getting checked out.

Stitchingranny said...

oooh forgot to say how nice your chocolate shoppe is looking.

Nancy in IL said...

Sally, I love your progress on the Chocolate Shoppe! It's so neat and colorful. Nice work!

3 weeks? Oh boy---better get to the doctor! We may have a preggie stitching baby samplers, LOL! Maybe your hormones are playing tricks on you too, which could explain some of your mood problems, bless your heart!

Lizzy said...

I think you should go to the Dr Sally... all that wondering and worrying will make you ill... {{{Hugs}}}

Chocolate Shoppe is looking lovely... :-) You're really moving along with it... I didn't get to start today either... spent five and a half hours at the salon!!! LOL Good grief, but was I ever ready to get out of there! I guess I'll get started on it tomorrow once I finish my ornie...

If you ever want me to pick up threads or charts or anything for you... just let me know! :-)

Tootles for now lovey... and don't you worry about a thing! {{{Hugs}}}

Julie said...

great progress on Choccie Shoppe, it's growing nicely, amazing what you can get done in one day a week

i know there's no chance of the patter of tiny feet for you so i'll just say... must be your age LOL

take care, love and {hugs}

Michelle said...

Love your Chocolate Shoppe. It looks fantastic. Do take car of yourself, and do what you need to do. Big hugs!

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

Thank you for the comments you left me on Spaces, and sorry it has taken me a while to get around to paying you a visit.

You are right in thinking that Chocolate Shoppe has left my mouth watering, and wanting chocolate... big time! However, I do not want you to worry about me and my cravings... it looks GREAT! [she says as her stomach growls yet again].

I am hoping to drop by again over the weekend, so that I can catch up properly with your recent blog entries, so do not be surprised if I have been back and left you some more comments.

Rebecca x

Mad Dixie said...

Those cakes look good enough to eat, lol