Saturday, 3 March 2007

QUick Stitch Dragonette, Stash or No Stash

Wahooooooo!!! LOL! Can you tell I'm pleased? I finally managed to get page 1 of Heaven and Earth Quick Stitch Dragonette finished last night! Not only did I finish do that I also gridded page two of HAED Winter ready for next week, as that is the piece I'll be working on! I must say now that I've got page one of Dragonette done I feel better about it. You can clearly see little miss dragon's body and her wings. I actually think I like this piece now! If you'd like what it will look like click here The artwork is by Vicki Visconti- Tilley.

I am moving onto Chateline Christmas Mystery IV this weekend. I'm going to try and get all the stitching done then I can do the beading during the week.

To say I am now off the stash wagon I have'nt bought anything other than some Delica beads which I am splitting with Lisa and Julie. They are for the Chatelaine Lavender Mandala from the October issue of The Gift of Stitching. I do have some bits on order from Jayne's Attic, which Jayne is ordering in for me. She has kindly said she'd look for a wire hanger for me at Newcastle Show in a couple of weeks if she gets chance to leave her stand! LOL! I have ordered the Chatelaine Mini Mandala 1 from her as well as a couple of Vicki Clayton silks which I am using instead of Caron Waterlilies and Thread Gatherer Silk N Colors. I am also looking forward to receiving my COTM from Sassy's Fabbys. It's up on her website and it is just gorgeous. I think Just Nan Queen of the Needle would look lovely on it but I will wait and see when I get the fabby! Here's the fabby and here's Queen of the Needle. What do you think?

Thank you to everybody who commented on my last post! I know that I am not hearing the patter of tiny feet as I was steralised nearly 12 years ago! My DH doesn't think I need to go the doctors because it can't be anything else but the menopause. Typical man!

I have finally got my new glasses and I'm struggling with them while I'm using the PC! I can see perfectly well when I look at letters, mags etc but the letters on the PC screen don't look quite right. I guess I'll get used to them in time. We'll see how I get on stitching tonight.

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Paula said...

Hi Sally, it will take you a couple of days to get fully used to your new glasses but you will and they will be fine.
Ohh your dragonette is lovely.
Ok give your dh a hard thump from Don't listen to him. Go to the docs and put your mind at ease.
Huggles and Happy Stitching....

Julie said...

WOW you've been busy this week, it's looking great, so much detail ... better get Leo out of hiding this week and do a bit more on that LOL

Nice fabby and i agree QOTN might be the perfect design for it

Thanks for sharing your beads, looking forward to doing my 1st Chatelaine with you later this month (expect lots of questions LOL)

JOT said...

Dragonette is looking great! There is a lot of detail in the one page, it looks like it was complicated to stitch - lots of confetti.

The needle & I said...

Love the Dragonette, it's coming along great. Also love the chocolate shoppe, makes me want some chocolate. I think the fabby will look great.

Jenn said...

Dragonette is looking so good. I've been so tempted to start a HAED pattern recently. I'm trying to hold off till I get a few WIP done. With seeing yours I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. LOL

Nicola said...

Sally, where did you buy your Delica beads from? I'm going to do the Lavender Mandala but have bought Mill Hill beads as I haven't the foggiest where to buy the Delicas.

Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing the page on your Dragonette - it looks fabulous! I love the Chatelaine mandala in Gift of Stitching, can't wait to see your progress on it!

Karen said...

I love your dragonette.
Sassy's fabrics are lovely I am sure the colour will be fine for the JN design

Lisa said...

Dragonette is looking fab Sally, I'm not surprised you're happy to have finished page 1.
Sassy's fabric is a gorgeous colour, wish I hadn't seen it lol.

Nicola said...

Sally, thank you sooooooooo much for that website address! It turns out that they are in Lichfield! Just 10 miles from me and they have a shop! Guess I'll be going there and saving on the p&p. Will use Delicas now for The Magnolias.

Carol said...

Congratulations!! One page of any HAED is quite an achievement!

Lizzy said...

Dragonette is gorgeous, Sally! I love it and must add that one to my collection! lol

It may take a wee while for you to get accustomed to the new specs... I hope they help!

I think Queen of the Needle will look lovely on that fabby! :-)

And if you aren't feeling better soon perhaps you should go see the doc... just to put your mind at ease... Hope you are feeling better soon, Hun!


Hazel said...

Love the fabbie and the Just Nan. I have a just Nan waiting to be stitched somewhere - you have reminded me of something long forgotton. Well, seems you have a lot of nice goodies to look forward to in the post. It makes me want to have a little spend too. Love your dragonette. It's great when you finish a page - such an accomplishment. Well done.xx

Rebecca said...

Hello Sally,

Dragonette is looking lovely. One thing I must say is that you obviously have much more patience than me... I don't seem to cope well when stitching with dark colours. Lol.

By the way, I think Paula's right. Maybe your husband's opinion is right, but I don't think it would do any harm to visit the surgery, just for your own peace of mind. You're not scared of needles are you? I understand that they can check to see if you're menopausal through simple blood tests.

Rebecca x