Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Weather Warnings & Flood Warnings!

Well we have certainly had our fair share of snow over the last couple of days but it had not stuck around. Yesterday when I was coming home from picking DH up from work we hit several big snow flurries and after we got in it came down for ages. Not only did we have weather warnings for snow and ice last night we also had flood warnings here due to high spring tides. Sure enough the sea has been over and the south promenade road has been closed for the clean up. I had a walk this morning and went that way and it was a right mess! Then there are plans to build houses and a nursing home down there! Lol! The land is very boggy as it is where they plan to build so what with that and dangers of high tides I wouldn't want to buy a house down there!

We didn't get the windscreen fitted yesterday firstly due to the weather and secondly because DH had told them over the phone that it was a clear screen, as he thought it was, but the fitter looked at it and it has a slight tint. So DH has made another apointment to get it done Friday, finger's crossed!

No stash post again today:( Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow although I'm not sure when my fabric from my Ebay win and the chart and fabric from Mary Kathryn were sent.

My DH is famous! Lol! Well only if you happen to read the Hull Daily Mail website! If you would like to take a look at him in action here is the link ( not much action Lol!) ! He is the one with his back to the camera (hiding his face!) in the high visability jacket and white hat. The girls said " You're not doing much Dad!" but he had been out directing traffic into the check site!

I want to get a good afternoon on LHN Chocolate Shoppe this afternoon as I'm a bit behind on this one. I am hoping my FIL doesn't turn up as he does sometimes when he's bored and has nothing to do! I feel like saying but I'm not bored and I have plenty to do so go away!

Going to catch up on blogs and forums!


Julie said...

great video clip Sally, thanks

your DH looked all nice and clean unlike the guy grovelling around all over the floor LOL

looking forward to your update of the Chocolate Shoppe after this afternoon

Paula said...

Hi Sally, awww don't have flash player in work so couldn't get to see your dh lol.
It's bitterly cold here too..roll on summer.
Looking forward to seeing an update on chocolate shoppe.
Huggles, stay warm,

Heather said...

Ah we saw a glimpse of his face right at the end!!!

It's a little warmer here today, but it's definitely very cold on the first day of Spring.

Have fun stitching this afternoon.

Hazel said...

We got a bit of snow in Derbyshire but it didn't stick thankfully, like it did a few weeks ago. Hope you managed to get your afternoon time for stitching. I never did very much today. :-(

Lizzy said...

Your DH looks very busy in the video, Sally! Handsome guy... what I could see anyway... :-)

Hope your stash comes soon...