Monday, 12 March 2007

I'm Here!

At least I think I am! Either my hormones are playing up big style or I am losing my marbles. I am feeling better than I did as the dizziness I was experiencing has gone ( thank God) but I still feel crap if I'm honest. I still haven't started so that now makes me just over 4 weeks overdue so, no matter what, I'm going to the doctors tomorrow. I had a nice chat with my sister yesterday and she has told me to try Bioforce Menosan as that is what she takes ( well not now as she hasn't had a period for five years!) but I will have to see the doctor first and make sure I can take it with my prescribed medication and I could also do to know one way or the other if I am on "the change". I was very down yesterday and just felt like crying and I don't feel much different today.

Anyway enough of that. Time to look at what I've been stitching! On Saturday evening I finished all the cross stitching on part 3 of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV, then yesterday afternoon I sat at the dining room table and sewed all the beads on. I am happier now with the ribbon at the bottom and think it looks better now it's done and the tiny pinky coloured beads are on. I haven't added the crystal heart yet and am going to leave that off until the end. I must admit that I am loving this mystery now that I have got going with it. It's going to be so pretty and sparkly and it seems a shame just to have it on display at Christmas so I amy well end up keeping up all year round! Lol!

Last night I was going to get Chatelaine Summer Afternoon out early and do a bit on that but I was chatting to Lisa and she suggested something quick like San Man Origninals I Flip for the Ocean. I told her I couldn't be bothered to sort fabric and threads for it but then when I went to get my stitching out I thought how lazy is that! All I needed was about 4 threads and a small piece of fabric so I got the chart out and had a sort out. I stitched most of it last night and just had the tiniest bit of backstitch to finish this morning so here it is. It is stitched on 32 count fabric using the suggested DMC threads except for the backstitch as I chose to do it in blue rather than black. The charm came with the chart.

So Monday to Friday this week is Chatelaine Summer Afternoon with LHN Chocolate Shoppe on Wednesday afternoon! I am looking forward to getting into Summer Afternoon this week and hope to get plenty done.

I have just bought some fabric off Ebay from Sugar Maple Fabrics and am waiting for Mindy to send me a total including shipping. I love Mindy's fabrics but haven't had any for ages. I bought my last lot off Ebay and stitched some of the L*K Flip-it's on them. I can't wait to see what colours I get! Lol!

Well I'd better go and hang some more washing out while it is fine. It is looking very much like rain but it's supposed to a nice week here on the east coast! Have a good week!


Hazel said...

We've had rain here in Derbyshire this morn but looks like its clearing up now. Your ribbon on the chatelaine looks lovely. Keep on with it. Sounds like you have a good stitching plan this week.

Heather said...

It's been raining this morning here and very cold. It's brightening up now though. Your chatelaine is looking great Sally and your flip for the ocean looks lovely with the blue backstitch.

Karen said...

I hope you do go to the doctors Sally, and they put your mind at ease.
Your stitching looks super

Paula said...

It's lovely and sunny and mild here today Sally, a real Spring day TG. Hopefully it lasts!
Your stitching is lovely, you are really coming long with it. I love flip for the ocean too. I have that...somewhere lol.
I'm so glad you are going to the docs, let me know how you get on.

Julie said...

hope the Dr is nice to you, and can be of help

love the Chatelaine, it's looking beautiful

love the quick SMO, thats a cute one

Michele said...

sounds like a trip to the dr is what you need sweetie .. big hugs!

and I love the Christmas mystery .. it's looking great! Congrats on the quick stitch too !

Stitchingranny said...

Think you really need to get yourself of the see the GP Sally, you sound really down at the moment.

The stitching is lovely and I look forward to seeing the pictures of Summer Afternoon, and the update on the Chocolate Shoppe.

Lizzy said...

I'm so sorry you've not been feeling well, Sally... Big {{{Hugs}}} for you Sweetie... I'm thinking about you and sending you lots of love... :-)

Your stitching is lovely as always... I love that flip for the ocean piece... haven't seen that one before...

Take care of yourself, Hun... {{{Hugs}}}