Monday, 18 February 2008

PIF to Kyrie

Now that Kyrie has received her PIF from me ( 10 out of 10 to the postal service here and in Australia) I can show what I stitched for her.

The Drawn Thread Forget Me Not Keeper

Stitched with DMC

I also included a couple of the new DMC Satin threads for Kyrie to try. Not tried them myself but according to the lady in the local arts and crafts store they are lovely.

In a few weeks I will probably move onto my next round of PIFs:)

No other stitching to show as yet. I've finished the JA/ S&S SAL challenge for February which is Dragonfly Stitches Valentine Heart but I need to make it up into something ready for reveal day then I'll be able to show it! I really enjoyed stitching this lovely little design. I also started my first Prairie Schooler Christmas ornament and hope to finish that off later this afternoon. It would have been finished last night but I ran out of DMC 3362. Why is I have a lot of doubles but never the one I need??? I went to the local arts and crafts shop this morning and bought a skein so that I could finish it. I begrudge paying 60p a skein for it but if I need it I have no other choice.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. As you know my DH had been away on a course and didn't get back until 8.45 Wednesday evening. When I gave him his card on Thursday morning he said I could have mine when he'd written it! Lol! As it was when he came to write it he realised that he'd bought one that said "To The Man In My Life" on the front of it!! Now should I have been offended or worried?!! Needless to say he went out and bought me another one!! The girls and I have not let him live it down yet! I am guessing he bought the first card in a bit of a hurry!

I'll be back in a few days with my update on Sea Stars and, hopefully, my PS Christmas ornament. No Queen of the Needle until Helen gets back and I'm going to miss stitching on it.

Have a wonderful week! It's beautiful here at the moment as we're having sharp frosts then gorgeous sunshine for the rest of the day!



Kajsa said...

How lovely! That is one of my favorites!

To funny about the card!

Rachael said...

Had to giggle about the V card!!Love the fob you have done ,
I know what you mean about the DMC skeins,they are 60p here as well!!

Svenja said...

The card story is hilarious! At least he bought a new card, he could have just added "wo" to the first one. ;)

The fob is gorgeous!

Andrea said...

Oh dear, imagine what the shop assistant thought! LOL

The fob is beautiful.

Julie said...

Poor DH, bless him .... maybe he was going to send the card to himself LOL

Gorgeous Drawn Thread keeper, very pretty, i bet Kyrie was thrilled

Stitcher said...

Lovely PIF, I hope your Valentines card was worth the wait.

Karen said...

very nice fob Sally

Gill said...

That's so funny about the card! I suppose at least he tried, even if not paying attention when he did! ROTFL

The fob is very cute!

Karan said...

Love the fob Sally.
Your poor DH must have been in a right tizz! Think he'll give it his full attention next time though! LOL

Itching To Stitch said...

Great fob.

About the Valentine's Day card --- that's something my husband would do!

Christine said...

Cute fob Sally. Nice job.

LOL.."To The Man In My Life" LOL

I'm really looking forward to Helens return so you can get back to The Queen.

Juls said...

All of your stitching is so lovely!!!! I so enjoy visiting your blog!!!! Please e-mail me if you ever need DMC again (and aren't in a hurry) there is always a sale of sorts here and I could send them to you!!!!! Not a bother at all........just let me know!

stitcherw said...

The fob looks great, and I can't wait to see your other stitchy pictures. To funny on the card. I'll bet like you say he went for the design, and, in a bit of a hurry, didn't really read what it said. You'll have a good time with that one for a long while. :)

BeckySC said...

What a great PIF, Sally :)

sammyjo said...

very pretty keeper, it's lovely.

Nicola said...

Love fob Sally, I've done that one myself. I'm lucky when it comes to DMC threads as there is a small shop in Stafford that sells them for 45p.

Kyrie said...

Thanks again for the fob.

Thanks for worrying about me too! It's okay, I'm being good. I'm always tired during the day, it's during the night that I perk up. And I take lots of breaks. I am currently sitting at my desk with my homework and it is steadily happening. I'll be good.

How cool is that - you didn't even know they were the symbol, yet you stitched them for me :) Must be fate, huh?

Your DH sounds a little like my DF ;) They are wonderful though, aren't they!

--- Kyrie of the long comments.

Sachiko said...

Beautiful fob!

Joei said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a nice comment.

Lovely fob for a wonderful PIF. Had a good chuckle about the card.

Mylene said...

That's a lovely fob, Sally.

tkdchick said...

Beautuiful job on the fob Sally!