Saturday, 14 July 2007

I am Still Around!

Sorry for the lack of blogging since Monday, or whenever it was I last posted:) Thank you Nicky ( on the SMO board) for getting in touch and wondering if I was OK. I haven't had any stitching to share or anything to say really. It hasn't been a particularly good week as far as my mood goes but I shall leave it at that and say no more!

On the stitching front I have had a brilliant week on HAED quick stitch Summer ACEO, so much so that page 4 is finished so I only have about 17 rows on the last two pages to do and she is finished! So I have tonight and tomorrow night before I should move on to the next piece in my rotation but I have decided that I will carry on with Summer until she is done:) I don't think I will manage it by the time my stitching goes away tomorrow night but I don't think she should take much longer ( finger's crossed!). I have also done a bit of "secret stitching" this week. Mwah-ha-ha!

One more week and it's school's out! I can't wait! No more getting up early if I don't want to, no more nagging at Abi to get her bag sorted, no more homework etc! Lol! Bliss! Well bliss until her and Jess start arguing and niggling at each other!

We've had yet another wet week up here in East Yorkshire. The promenade road has been closed all week, but I haven't worked out just what for yet! There are pipes across the road, from the dyke that runs from the mere to the sea, over the sea wall so am guessing it's something to do with the dyke. Maybe the pipe that goes under the road is blocked or something. Fire engines are out pumping out behind the post office and newsagents. The water has never really cleared properly since the original heavy downpour the other week and this is the second time they've had to pump out. The problem is the land falls away quite sharply behind there and at the back is the park which is terrible when it rains as it's so boggy. Oh well we'll just have to have whatever comes!

I've been tagged by
Julie to list 7 things about me and then tag 7 others ... I always really struggle to think of things so if I repeat myself I apologise!
  1. I love chocolate brazil nuts!
  2. I love all three CSI programs.
  3. I passed my driving test first time.
  4. I am addicted to cross stitch and love buying stash ( unbelievable huh?!!)
  5. I love hand dyed fabric
  6. I love anything to do with Christmas
  7. DH and I honeymooned in Tenby ( very exotic!)

I'm not going to tag anybody as lots of people have already been tagged.

That's it from me. See you again when Summer is finished!


Paula said...

Nice to see you bloging again Sally and I hope this will be a better week for you. The weather certainly doesn't help our moods..although the sun is shining here yippee.
Ohhh looking forward to seeing summer finished soon..
Huggles and happy stitching...

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see Summer. Hope this week is a better one for you!

Ranae said...

I can't wait for summer to end, hehe. She will be beautiful, I'm sure. Hope you are feeling better.

Julie said...

How wonderful that Summer is nearly finished, can't wait to see her, i've loved watching her grow

Hope next week is better for you.

stitcherw said...

Glad that it sounds like you're getting a good amount of stitching in, can't wait to see Summer.

Juls said...

Can't wait to see the finished piece!! Hope your mood is better! I know about moods.... Great to see you posting again! And thanks for the nice comments on my blog!

Sam said...

Hope you have a better week this week Sally - I'm sure you will once you put the final stitch into Summer. Can't wait to see her! I'm glad to see that there is another CSI fan out there, hope you'll be watching the new series of Miami on Tuesday ;o)

Karen said...

i'm looking forward to seeing your summer finished

Hazel said...

Hope you get it finished Sally. You seem to be on a roll with finishing stuff at the mo. 5 of your things about you are the same as me but can you guess which ones lol? xx

Mary Ann said...

Sally, I can't wait to see Summer finished! And, I do hope the rain lets up there soon and you get some sunshine!!

Stitchingranny said...

ooh looking forward to seeing your completed Summer.
Sally I have to agree with you - completely unbelievable I would never have thought you were a lover of Stash Buying he he he.

And in answer to your question its the 5th. Why????

Extremlygentle1 said...

Have a good summer and I hope that the children don't run you too raggied.
I am also looking forward to seeing your HAED finish. I am sure that it will be done soon.

Michele said...

woo hoo! summer is almost done .. can't wait to see her :) Nice to see you blogging again :) I've been trying to send you some sunshine!