Sunday, 25 January 2015

January Stitch From Stash

Here I am with my very first Stitch from Stash post of 2015. This year, after reading blogs from other SFS participants, I have decided that I'm using £25 for my monthly budget. Stash is quite pricey over here and we don't get much for our money. However this does not mean I am going to allow myself to spend £25 but it's there if I happen to need fabric and threads during one month as it would soon go! My goal this year though is to do even better than I did last year, use as much fabric etc from my stash and get my chart collection down.

So here is my report then I'll get onto my stitching!

Month: January

Spent : £8.91 ( fabric for Classic Collection ornament, hand dyed threads. Not yet received. Possibly lost in post :(  )

Earned: £4 ( For finishing Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet )

Total to carry over: £20.09

I have started a grand total of 4 charts from my stash and finished 3 of those but only one counts towards my earnings ( a new feature for SFS this year ) as I've had the chart in my stash over 6 months. 

Wednesday was Chris' birthday and I had been stitching away on a gift for her and here it is.

With Thy Needle and Thread Blue Bunting

32 count Vintage Country Mocha Linen


Birthday Gift for Chris.

This is my first watch fob finish and it certainly won't be my last. Chris loves it too :)

WIPs now and everything is coming along quite nicely even though I say so myself.

My robin is getting a little progress every Saturday evening. It may not be growing very quickly but these things are time consuming! I kept looking down the page thinking oh my God such a lot of confetti where the tree is! It made me want to give up there and then but I know I can do it! 

Barb and I have been carrying on our Halloween SAL so here's my progress on BBD Spell of the Moon. Unfortunately the skein of CC Black Coffee that I found in my stash is not the same shade as the one I'd already been stitching with but hopefully it won't be too noticeable.

My March Cottage should be finished in good time! These lovely little charts are such a joy to stitch :)

No snow here but it's snowing plenty over in the Frosty Forest and Snowgirl's Cottage is growing quite nicely. 

I've managed a teeny bit of progress Beerenherz im Winter. I just love this piece. It looks so pretty so far.

Silly me I totally forgot my progress on August's Poppy. Some frogging needed to be done unfortunately!

Finally Angels with Barb is finished! I did have to frog some as it turned out not only was the centre angel too high she was also too far to the left! Duh! She is still too high but I had to restitch her that way or everything would have been wrong! How can something so simple cause problems! We'll be starting our next one in February.

Country Cottage Needleworks Angels

32 count Lambswool Linen

DMC and Classic Colorworks

Thank you for all your lovely comments and for your congratulations for Jess. She's had a bit of a shaky start this week after the rota got changed and no one let her know or someone ( not Jess! ) got  things mixed up but everything is good now! 

I really must apologise as I still haven't visited all your blogs yet. I will get there as I love to see what you are all working on and I love getting inspiration.

Take care everyone.

With much love.

Sally xxx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Where's My Snow! Lol!

Hello from a rather chilly England! No snow where I live unfortunately but other parts of the country have it. I'm still hoping that we'll get some soon. It's going to be very cold over the next few days so you never know what might happen.  This time two years ago we had lots of  snow. I remember it well as two years ago on 14th my Dad passed away. I still miss him so much. Life has not been the same since.

Anyway let's talk about stitching as that is what you're here for. Barb and I started our second SAL and have now had 2 Fridays stitching on Country cottage Needleworks Angels from the Classic Ornament Collection.  I noticed last night that I'd made a mistake on the vine under the angels which means that my middle angel is higher than it should be but I'm not frogging anything! It will stay as it is as it's not too bad! This is stitched using the recommended fabric and threads as when I signed up for the auto I chose to get the fabric and hand dyes needed. Mainly because I liked the red used on this one!  I plan on finishing it the way Vonna did so I bought the ribbons in Harrogate.

My robin has been getting a little more attention so it's growing slowly but surely. Lisa is stitching up a storm on the piece she's stitching with me and it looks amazing!

Speaking of Lisa it was her birthday yesterday and this is what I stitched for her.

Shakespeare' s Peddler Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet

40 count Sand linen


Birthday gift for Lisa.

I am very happy to say that Lisa loves it . I am disappointed in my finishing as there is still red showing on the tin lid . I didn't get the top glued in the right place. One day I will get this right.

After several weeks on hold while I tried to get other stitching out of the way I have finally picked up August's Poppy again. I have loved getting back to this as it's so pretty. Hopefully I'll get another good evening on it tomorrow but Abi has got me addicted to Dragons Rise of Berk game and I have to keep checking my progress!

A little more progress on Spell of the Moon with Barb now. I ran out of CC Black Coffee so asked Karla at The Patchwork Rabbit to add one to my next ornament auto and guess what?! I had a skein in my stash! I didn't like to ask her not to bother and I'm sure, when it arrives, that it'll get used at some point!  

As I'd finished the February cottage last week I started the March one on Tuesday. This is another one that has such pretty colours in it.

Frosty Forest is going quite well. 

Finally a little more progress on my SAL with Chris. She has finished hers and I'm excited to see how she finishes it off. I am slow on it now as  Barb and I have started our SALs and I've gone back to August's Poppy so I just stitch on it on a Thursday evening now but I've had a birthday gift to stitch as well.

Speaking of  birthdays it is with great regret that I'm going to have to cut down on the amount of birthday gifts I send out. I have thought long and hard about it and have realised that I can no longer do so many due to postage costs etc. I will still be sending some but just not as many.

Oooh I almost forgot! CCN Needlework Shop is ready for display! Just have to do The Tearoom next. I think they will hang on my landing.

Apologies for so many photos. I may have a change of the way I work my rotation once Frosty Forest and the Garden Journal are finished so that I'm not stitching on so many. I will see how I feel :).

Great news for Jess this week as on Wednesday she received a phone call from The Card Factory to go for an interview on Thursday. She must have made a good impression during her time there as a temp as she starts next week on a permanent contract. It's a minimum of 8 hours a week. She is really pleased and so are we. 

That's all my news for  now. I've been steadily catching up on blogs but still have a few I haven't visited yet but rest assured I'll be there eventually!

Take care everyone and stay warm.

With much love

Sally xxxx

Friday, 9 January 2015

First Finish of 2015

It's hard to believe we are already a week into 2015! Sigh. Why does time have to go so fast?! Jess had her final shift at her temporary job on Tuesday.  I think we were both hoping they might offer her a permanent job but we will have to see. There may be something in the pipeline but I'm not holding my breath!

I decided not to have my usual New Year's Day new start this year. I figured that I already have enough on the go and I really want to get some of the series finished as soon as  I can. I think I've got a little snowed under of late so my first aim of 2015 is to finish the Frosty Forest series ( 6 down, 1 started, 2 to go ) and the Garden Journal series ( 7 down, 1 started, 4 to go! ). It will take me a few months but I would like to try and give myself a little stitching time during the day at least once a week to get further on with them. Then I will just have the monthly cottages series and the classic ornaments which Barb and I starting tonight.

So the first finish that I can show is this :).

Country Cottage Needleworks February Cottage

32 count Natural Opalescent linen

I just love the colours in this one. March will started next Tuesday :).

Barb and I have restarted our Halloween SAL. You may remember we both stitched Barbara Ana Designs Wicked Since for our first one and we both thought we'd be stitching different ones for the other 11 but no we both chose Blackbird Designs Spell of the Moon! This is my start from Monday. I had looked online before I went to Harrogate for the thread list and wherever I looked must have had it listed wrong as I had one wrong! So I used the DMC listed in the chart instead but it looks dark compared to the picture so not sure whether to pull it out! Think I have too much of it stitched now ( it's the grey ).

I made a little more progress on Snowgirl's Cottage on Wednesday.  I love how this looks. I'm wondering how to finish it when it's all stitched up. Maybe a cushion or something like that as I don't want to get it framed. I'm running out of space!

I haven't stitched much on my SAL with Chris lately so last night I decided to see if I could get page 1 finished. It didn't quite happen but I'm getting there. Chris has almost finished hers although she may have it done now.

Finally my robin. It's funny how you think I'll never get this finished but then you look closer at what you've stitched and what you have left to stitch then you start thinking I can do this! Out of 9 pages there is actually only one full one although some of them are close to being full ones!

I received a lovely belated birthday note and gifts from dear June this week. Isn't it a wonderful package to receive in the bleakness of the aftermath of Christmas? I have hung the heart and angel together :). Thank you so much dear June. 

That's all my stitching news for now. I've been trying to get some finishes sorted to make up. Tea Room and Needlework Shop are half way done as is Snow  Angel which was my New Year's Day start last year.

Until next time.

Take care everyone.

With much love

Sally xxxxx

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014!

It's certainly hard to believe that we are into the last day of 2014. The year has just flown by and soon we will start anew. I'm not making any resolutions. Not a single one simply because I never keep to them so I'll play it by ear and see what happens! 

My stitching year has been a successful one both with finishes and managing to keep up with Stitch from Stash. Tomorrow I'll be starting over on SFS and hoping to do even better. I have had 64 finishes over 2014 ( 64?? How did I do that! ) and have stitched 30 charts from my stash. I am feeling rather accomplished I must say!

Well Christmas came very quickly. I am always so sad when it's all over. We had a quiet one as usual. I was hopeful that my sister and her partner would accept our invitation but deep down I knew they wouldn't. It made me sad but never mind. So it was just the four of us, with my DH's auntie joining us at tea time,  and we had a very enjoyable time chatting, playing a board game and racing on the Wii. We do get a little competitive! We ate far too much, drank just a little and watched a little TV ( Dr Who and Mrs Brown's Boys! ). We all received some gorgeous gifts. A few of mine were robin, sheep or angel themed! I received some lovely ones from my stitching friends which you can see below :)

I do feel quite bad as I just can't send to everybody but Mouse told me it is better to give than receive :)

In no particular order.

From my surrogate sis Lisa. How can I resist not going back to Guardian now that I have a needleminder but it will have to wait a wee while!

From Michelle this beautiful box full of finishing items and Christmas tea.

From Barb some cute sheepy socks.

From Mouse a sheepy scarf, backing fabric and robin purse ( the note says start of Harrogate fund!)

From June a sheepy themed gift :)

From Karan a lovely chart by Jeannette Douglas Designs

From Shirlee some lovely teas, wooden sheep, needle threader and LHN ornmanent. The White Christmas tea is now no more as I drank it earlier today. It smelt and tasted delicious!

Thank you so much my dear friends.

We didn't get any snow here like other parts of the country did on Boxing Day but we did see some in the fields when we went to Meadhowhall shopping centre in Sheffield on Monday. It certainly turned very chilly though so we have been waking up to some beautiful frosts. I am still hoping for some snow before the end of Winter though!

I have been stitching a little and finished this ornament up just before Christmas.

Heart In Hand Christmas Alphabet

36 count fabric


I also made up this ornament before Christmas.

My CCN January Cottage is made up. I spotted this finish on Pinterest and decided to have a go. It's not quite how I wanted it look and I may add something to make it look better. I found the ricrac fiddly to add but, hopefully, the more I do the better they will look.

The February Cottage is looking very pretty. I have got more stitched since this photo.

I made a start on the next block of Frosty Forest. This one is Snowgirl's Cottage.

My robin came out to play again :) I'm SALing with my surrogate sis Lisa :)

Finally my December SAL with Chris. I love this and can't wait to get it finished and on the wall. It'll be a while yet though!

Last photo is of Abi. This makes me smile. She works at The Works and on Christmas Eve they have a fancy dress day. Here she is in hers :)

New Year's Day is going to be different for us as, unfortunately, Abi is working. She wasn't down to work but was asked if she could when her colleague couldn't do it. I'm disappointed but we'll make the best of it. I get quite cross at shops opening Boxing Day and New Year's Day as it's just so unfair that the employees are not getting to spend time with their families. Some of the convenience stores even open Christmas Day. It has to stop before we lose Christmas altogether. Greed and selfishness are taking over.

That's it from me for 2014. Thank you to each and every one of you who has stuck with me through the year and for all your friendships. Have a Happy, Heathly, Stash Filled 2015.

Take care everyone.

With much love.

Sally xxx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

December Stitch From Stash!

I made it!  Yes I made it right through the year with Stitch From Stash! OK so I wouldn't have done without the monthly budget, my carry over or the end of year bonus but I did it and I feel very proud of myself!

This month I had £59.90 carried over from last month plus the £15 monthly budget. I purchased two charts and a magazine from Crafty Kitten ( as shown in my last post ) which meant I spent just under my monthly budget as I got my birthday month discount. So I still have the £59.90 of my carry over left. Now I know I have not done as well as some of the ladies have but having that left is brilliant!  Next year I have every intention of doing even better! Mel has suggested that between 22nd December and the start of the next SFS we spend, spend, spend but I have more than enough and dare not even contemplate doing that.  Next year I want to be even tougher on myself when it comes to buying so I shall just be buying fabric and threads when needed. My two autos will not count but as I signed up for fabric and hand dyes for the CCN Classic Ornaments they will count in my monthly budget but the buttons won't as they are classed as finishing items :). I'm looking forward to taking part again next year and would just like to thank Mel for organising it and for all her hard work keeping it going through the year and for doing it again next year.

I have a few photos to share. In my last post I showed my Wicked Since finish. Well here it is actually made up! I didn't have a pumpkin charm, in fact I have hardly any Halloween charms, so I ended up adding cat buttons instead. I'll be putting this away until Halloween. Barb and I will restart our Halloween SAL in the New Year :).

A while ago you may remember I stitched Just Nan Wintry Mix. Well here that is all made up too!
I still have loads to finish so maybe between Christmas and the New Year I'll get some more done.

I wanted to get Snowy Foxes finished this week so I stitched on it an extra evening to get it done. At the moment I'm stitching 3 series then in the New Year it will be 4 series so I'm wanting to get Frosty Forest finished as soon as I can then swap things about a little.

I had a small new start once I'd finished Snowy Foxes. This one will not take long to stitch up. It is another from the Candy Cane Stitchers group on Facebook and it's Heart In Hand Christmas Alphabet. It's going to be a cute one!

I've been trying to get a good bit stitched on the December SAL that Chris and I are doing. It is so pretty. I love the contrast between the reds and white. 

Finally I went back to my robin last night. Just a little stitching whilst watching the Strictly final. I was very disappointed as that is the second year the one person I didn't want to win it did!!

On Friday it was Christine's birthday and this is what I stitched for her.

The Little Stitcher Winter Walk

32 count nougat linen


Birthday gift for Christine.

Just a few photos now from last Sunday when we went on our annual day out to the Victorian Christmas Market in Beverley. As usual we popped to see the birds of prey!

So that is it from me.  My last post until after Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful,  peaceful Christmas and get lots of lovely stash from Father Christmas :). I am not going to get my white Christmas but here's hoping for some snow soon!

Take care everyone.

With much love.

Sally xxx